North Georgia Waterfall Hikes

I love hiking to waterfalls. They are so calming and relaxing, and simply beautiful. I also love hiking to them, which makes the view a little more earned and untouched by man. Welcome Andrea to the blog today as she gives us three wonderful waterfall hikes in northern Georgia. North Georgia Waterfall Hikes #HikeLikeAWoman Click […]

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36 Inspiring Outdoor women contribute to this website on a regular basis. Welcome to our blog, where it’s our goal to inform, inspire and entertain.

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Meet our Ambassador Team. Their goal is to represent outdoor women from all over the world online and in person.


We all have had an outdoor experience that has shaped our lives, molded our perceptions and made us who we are today.

I believe that those stories and experiences need to be shared.

I’m on a mission to find those stories and share them with you.

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There are so many amazing women crushing it in the outdoor community. Here you will find links and information on projects, groups, adventures and fun for Hike Like A Woman readers.

Rebecca Walsh


Have you ever taken a hike with a group of friends and ended the hike feeling better than you did when you started?

Have you ever been on a hike where the conversation flowed freely and you felt as if you could hike all day because you were comfortable and amongst friends?

Every week I hike with a group of my Mom friends. For a few hours, we put aside the stress of jobs, parenthood, and life in general to wander the woods and climb mountains with our children. I leave every hike feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and happy.

I wanted to find a way to replicate the feeling that I get after a good hike with friends online. So, I created Hike Like A Woman.

My challenge was to turn a small piece of the internet into a place full of friendship, kindness and motivation for outdoor women.

To do this I selected a group of amazing outdoor women to help produce content for the website.

They come from all over the world, and represent a diverse group of backgrounds, outdoor experience and opinions. And they all have one thing in common, the desire to build a community of outdoor women inspiring each other.

We’re so glad that you’ve decided to join us here.

Rebecca Walsh

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