Week 8 #takeahike (Bonus Week!!!)

Week 8 Challenge *Bonus Week* : Hike with your Kids, Dogs or Someone You Love

Sponsored by: Kelty, Shellter, Otium Brands, Onya Baby, Dublin Dog & Action Wipes

July 25-31st

How to participate:

  1. Take a Hike with your kids, dogs or someone you love and tell us about it
  2. Snap a photo or two
  3. Log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  4. Share your photo and your experience. If you’re using….
    1. Facebook: Share it on the wall of talesofamountainmama or hikelikeawoman. Please make sure your share your photos on our walls, if it’s on your personal page we might not see it depending on your security settings. 
    2. Twitter: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
    3. Instagram: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
  5. Bonus points if you share a photo of your #takeahike t-shirt on this week’s hike and if you share your photo on the Kelty , Shellter, Otium Brands, Onya Baby, Dublin Dog & Action Wipes social media pages.

Still need some #takeahike swag! We have t-shirts & Nalgene water bottles available right here and everything is just $15.00. Help us close up shop and help me get t-shirts and water bottles out of my office!

Copy of takeahikeswag

What you can win:

  • Shellter shell + hood and zipper adapter
  • Kelty Pathfinder 3.0
  • Onya Pure Carrier
  • Otium Brands Prize
  • Action Wipes Package
  • Dublin Dog Swag Bag

week 8


How we choose the winners?

Winners are selected randomly by Amelia & Rebecca. We’re looking for photos and stories that inspire and motivate us and the rest of our communities. You can increase your chances of winning by wearing your #takeahike t-shirt &/or using your #takeahike water bottle when you take your hike & sharing your photos with on our weekly sponsor’s social media sites as well.

When will winners be announced?

Right here on our website and social media sites on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Help spread the word: Use these short social media messages or embed these photos to help spread the word about this week’s challenge hike!

Happy Hiking! We’ll see you and your kids and your pets and your loved ones on the trails.

Why you matter

Why You Matter To Me

For me, Hike Like A Woman is a hobby.

It’s something that I do in my spare time.

It’s my place to analyze the world around me and to write about it.

I only make enough money off of the website to offset the costs associated with running it, and it’s pretty cheap to run a website these days.

I don’t have mega big sponsors.

I rarely check my analytics.

But what I do have is an AMAZING facebook page with over 12,000 hikers chiming in and sharing their comments, stories, viewpoints and experiences on a regular basis.

I’ve also been blown away by the experiences and insights of over 100 women who submitted Ambassador Applications and I’ve come to realize how much those people who read Hike Like A Woman mean to me.

Yes, that’s you.

The internet is this messy, crowded place with people spilling their opinions at lightning speed.

Sometimes I get hate mail and deal with trolls and mean people.

I don’t have to be here.

And you don’t have to be here either.

But you are and that means the world to me.

I can’t help but find myself drawn to this little space in the universe.

This little space where I feel like I’m amongst friends, even though most of us have never met.

When I’m here I’m with friends who are like me.

Who live lives that aren’t perfect but still try to be better.

Who try hard to get outside every day even when it’s raining or blowing snow.

Who juggle family with work and try desperately to still have something left over for themselves at the end of the day.

Who maybe have abs that jiggle a little bit from having babies, or strands of gray hair beginning to appear.

Women who realize that the benefits of hiking are both physical and mental.

Friends who are also seeking for a motivational and kind place online.

In my attempts to make this website less about me and more about you, I just felt like today you should know that you matter to me.

Your story is important to me.

Your experiences are important to me.

So here’s a hug.

Here’s a virtual High 5.

Here’s an invitation to come take a hike with me in Laramie, Wyoming any time you’re passing through town.

Please don’t stop sharing your stories and experiences with me.

And with the rest of our readers.

You motivate me to write after I get emails telling me that this website sucks.

You motivate me to share a silly story on facebook at the end of a long day.

You motivate me to want to be a better person, a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better hiker, and a better writer.

You motivate me to want to be a little more kind. A lot more humble. A lot less arrogant. A little less busy and a lot more teachable.

Thank you.

And thank you again.

And thank you for being you!