A Few Thoughts on Peeing Outside

Recently a reader shared this photo on facebook.

It caused quite the response.

A few were outraged that I’d post a photo of a woman going to the bathroom in the wilderness on our facebook page.

But most didn’t pay it any mind and started posting their tips and tricks for taking care of business…like a woman.


Here’s where I’m going to be brutally honest.

I know women who won’t go hiking because they are scared to death of going to the bathroom in the woods.

I know women who have given themselves bladder infections because they’ve “held it” for so long.

I know women who think that peeing outside is gross.

But here’s the deal. With a little bit of practice going to the bathroom outside is not a big deal, it’s easy, nothing to be intimidated by.

Like the awesome Ingrid said on our facebook page,

“I would MUCH rather pee in the woods than in a mall bathroom, just sayin’…”

I’m not going to tell you how to pee in the woods, these three awesome blog posts have great tutorials and information so I recommend checking them out.

What I am going to tell you are my opinions on a few things these blog posts mentioned.

1. The pee rag.


I’d rather drip dry or pack out my toilet paper in a ziplock bag than wipe my girl parts with the same pee soaked bandana over and over again, rinsing it out at night like a cloth diaper and hope it dries. But if you’re a fan of the pee rag leave a comment and convince me to give it a try.

2. The Go-Girl and other female urinary devices.

Love Mine. But I rarely use it.

The Go-Girl was a lifesaver during my deployments to Iraq when I couldn’t always squat nicely to pee. In fact I confused the beejezus out of an Iraqi man during one pit stop in the middle of a patrol when he couldn’t figure out why a female American soldier was peeing standing up. But when I’m hiking I’d rather just squat, it’s easy. I do break out the go-girl sometimes in the winter when it’s super cold outside and I don’t feel like freezing my girl parts off.

3. Using things like moss, leaves and rocks to wipe.

Only during times of desperation.

I try to make sure I have toilet paper or a few baby wipes on hand but if not I’m okay using what Mother Nature has provided, but I much prefer Charmin.

Now before I sign off I do want to end this post with the official Leave no Trace Guidance on disposing bodily waste. So be sure to check out this post.

Now let’s chat. Do you think pee rags are gross? Would you use one? Would you wipe your bum with a sitck? Would you use a female urinary device? What freaks you out about peeing outside? Or, are you like Ingrid who would rather pee outside than use a mall bathroom. The discussion continues below and as always over on our awesome facebook page.

Here’s to happy tinkling!

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