Do you like podcasts?

I fell in love with podcasts several years ago when I got tired of listening to the radio but kept losing my place when I’d start and stop audio books.

Podcasts are great because they are like watching a short TV show–only it’s audio so you can listen in your car, during your workout or while fixing meals and cleaning house.

For years I’ve been searching for the best of the best when it comes to outdoor podcasts, and in my opinion here are the 7 best out there.

I love the storytelling of Dirtbag Diaries. Every episode makes me want to sell everything I own, buy an old beater van and travel the world having adventures.

If you’re a thru-hiker then the Trail Show is the show for you. “Less gear, more beer” is their motto and the hosts of the show talk about what’s going on in the thru-hiking community and sample beer as they record. This show makes me want to hike and drink beer (and I don’t even like beer).

Out There is a local podcast to me since it’s written and produced right here in Laramie, Wyoming. The show is hosted by Willow Belden who expertly blends storytelling with interviews and sound to produce a professional show that will leave you thinking and inspired.

A few months ago I was asked to be a guest on the S’more Outdoor podcast and it was so much fun! What I love about this show is that it combines entrepreneurship with the outdoors, an interesting combination but fun topic for those of us who make a living in the out of doors. Each interviewee is asked the same set of questions so I like the consistency of this show

The first 40 miles is a new-to-me podcast and I like it because it’s not arrogant or pretentious. The focus of this show is hiking and backpacking for novices with great tips, advice, and personal stories. I like to listen to this one with my kids.

Sounds of the trail is a podcast that follows thru-hikers as they experience the trail. It’s real and raw and fun to listen to.

(shameless plug) 

I’m so excited to announce another project that I’ve been involved in. The Great Adventures Podcast! I’ve teamed up with Amelia from Tales of a Mountain Mama & our #hike2015 challenge, John from Moosefish, Amy from Garage Grown Gear and Jackson Hole Packraft, and Erin from AK on the Go and Outdoor Families Magazine to bring you a weekly podcast show all about outdoor adventures (and misadventures) with kids. We’re launching our first show on Saturday, September 26th. I know you’ll have to wait but the wait will be worth it. I hope you’ll join us for the big launch. To see what’s going on behind the scenes be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter.

But now I have a question for you? What’s your favorite outdoor podcast? What topics would you like to see us discuss on Great Adventures?

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