Did you catch the harvest moon and the lunar eclipse last night?


Our hiking group headed to one of our favorite local places, Vedauwoo, for a picnic, a short hike, some scrambling on the giant granite boulders, s’mores and moon-gazing.

It was perfect. The weather was just right.

The fall colors were beautiful.

The moon beautiful, the eclipse so fun to watch.

And I feel so thankful for friendships that have been made with other outdoorsy families in my area through adventures like these. Our love for nature and desire to raise outdoor kids brings us together.

We started the evening with dinner and playing on the rocks and finished it with glow sticks in a big empty field where we could maximize our eclipse viewing.

We go to Vedauwoo to hike and scramble at least one time a week. Sadly it’s become routine for my family. We don’t always appreciate its beauty. But there was something magical about last night. As parents chatted around the campfire and kids played on the rocks I took just a few minutes to sit alone, to listen and to observe our children.


They were laughing, giggling and even pushing themselves to their physical limits on the rocks. They were eating s’mores and playing in the trees. Too young for adult responsibilities they weren’t thinking about work, or bills, or relationships. They were only in the moment, having fun.

It was fun to listen to their conversation and watch them play. They were fearless and bold. Their imaginations conjuring up all sorts of scenarios.

They were exploring.

Later we watched the moon while the children chased each other around a large open field with glow sticks. Small groups of parents gathered at the edge of the field watching their impromptu game. Our discussion turned toward our kids.

“And what point does that childlike sense of adventure, and fun, and wonder disappear?”

We asked each other.

  • Is it when you’re handed a college diploma or a brand new baby?
  • Is it when you suddenly find yourself with adult responsibilities and problems?
  • Is it when you’re handed the keys to your first house?

What’s stopping us from going out at night, cracking open a few glow sticks and chasing each other around an open field playing nonsensical games with no rules?


I’m going to do something,

I’m not sure what.

But, I’m going to bring out that little adventurous girl inside of me this week. I’m going to find a way to not going to think about my ‘to-do’ list or any other adult thing for a few hours. I’m going to run and laugh and play like a child.

Maybe I’ll throw off my shoes and splash in a puddle. Maybe I’ll jump into a pile of leaves or maybe I’ll just lay on my back and watch the clouds move across the sky. Whatever I do it will be perfect.

Our children did not watch the eclipse. They did not appreciate the beauty of the Harvest Moon. But what they did do last night was much more important.

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Have you ever watched children play and been amazed at their imaginations? How do you get in touch with your inner-child? 


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