When I launched Hike Like A Woman last spring I struggled with how to combine information about hiking with kids with the content that I really wanted to write about here.

I felt like I really wanted Hike Like A Woman to focus on women in the outdoors, the how-to posts about hiking with kids just kind of felt like an afterthought here.

So I just did something a little bit crazy and totally unorthodox.

Instead of continuing to publish posts about how to hike with kids I decided to build a completely new website focused exclusively on hiking with kids.

It’s called Moms Who Hike and I’m SO EXCITED to have a place just for content about outdoor kids.

Moms Who Hike

I might still occasionally blog about kids here, since my kids are so little and hike with me all the time it’s hard to separate that. But the goal of Hike Like A Woman will shift focus away from hiking with kids and focus on awesome hiking women.

I realized that many of you don’t have kids or aren’t interested in hiking with kids and that’s totally cool. I get it. But, since I’m knee deep into this motherhood business I decided that I still needed to write about hiking with kids and Moms Who Hike is the perfect venue for that.

The goal with Moms Who Hike is to make it become the ultimate “how-to” hub for outdoor families looking to learn more about hiking,  snowshoeing, cycling, skiing, camping and backpacking with kids. It’s going to be all how-to posts with methods and tips that have worked for my family over hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles on the trails.

If you hike with kids I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think and follow along on Facebook and twitter.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to leave our Hike Like A Woman community if you have kids. We don’t discriminate and you’re always welcome here!  It also doesn’t mean that I’ll stop publishing here on Hike Like A Woman, in fact I have content written and scheduled all the way through December!

So, thanks for being part of Hike Like A Woman. I hope to see you on Moms Who Hike if that’s your thing and I’ll see ya out there on the trails!


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