Have you ever looked at yourself and tried to figure out if you’re successful or not?

This morning after snowshoeing with my kids I posted this on the facebook page for Tubbs Snowshoe Ambassadors. snowshoeing

Then as I was shoving leftover spaghetti into my face I thought about the meaning of the word success and how it related to a morning in the mountains with my kids.

  • Was success being able to transport a sleeping toddler from his car seat to the couch in the living room after he fell asleep on the drive home?
  • Was success the fact that both of my kids snowshoed for well over an hour without any serious meltdowns, whining, or tears?
  • Was the morning a success because of the blue sky, bright sunshine, relatively good snow and minimal wind?

Or was it something more than that?

what is success-

As soon as my bowl of spaghetti was empty I looked at the photos from snowshoeing this morning and felt like a complete buffoon for writing that my morning was a success.

A decade ago I would have looked at my life with my great job, big house, nice cars, handsome husband and measured success by the elimination of our debt and the growth of our net worth. I was happy then. I was also successful.

I would never have considered a beautiful, happy day on the mountain with two little boys a success.

Thinking about this caused me to wonder if I’m successful now, or if what I would consider success was just a temporary stage in my pre-motherhood professional life.

If you were to see me park my old SUV at a trailhead and pull two little boys with dirty faces out of the back seat you wouldn’t say, “Wow, look at her, that’s a successful woman.”

By all accounts, I’m not a successful woman anymore. I quit my job to move to Wyoming to write trail guides. Sometimes we earn a few bucks selling out trail guides and sometimes we don’t. Somedays my kids are stubborn and other days they are delightful. Sometimes we eat Taco Bell for dinner and sometimes we eat quinoa and vegetables.

But maybe that’s just it.

Maybe success is this weird combination of being able to accept where we are today, but not giving up on our dreams for tomorrow.

what is success- (1)

Maybe instead of trying to lead a successful life we should simply try to lead a happy life. Because I believe that happiness brings success.

So here’s to those of us who feel like we aren’t successful.

  • Here’s to the Moms with kids who won’t sleep through the night or keep peeing their pants. You’re a success because you patiently endure the challenges that come with motherhood.
  • Here’s to teenage girls who are awkward, insecure and worried about the future. You’re a success because you put a smile on your face as you take on life.
  • Here’s to the single woman who is sick of online dating and convinced that she’ll never meet anyone to spend the rest of her life with. You’re a success because you keep believing in love.
  • Here’s to the grandma who is worried about staying healthy and strong so that she can play on the floor alongside her grandchildren. You’re a success because you know that by playing with your grandchildren you’re shaping the future.
  • Here’s to the woman who feels like she just isn’t good enough and she never will be. You’re a success, it’s time to believe in yourself.

Maybe at the end of the day success isn’t really what we’re striving for anyway. Maybe what we really want is happiness. 

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