Family legend surrounds my great-grandpa.

He was a true mountain man.

He could expertly navigate his long, heavy wooden skis for miles and days through the rugged Rocky Mountains.

At night he’d build a shelter by lighting a huge fire on top of the snow and letting it melt down into a homemade snow cave. Then he’d drop a few pine boughs into the structure for insulation and call it a night.

When it comes to the outdoors I don’t know that I’ll ever be as legendary as him.

Mostly because in the winter I prefer the comfort of a yurt, or cabin to a snow cave or tent.

We’re one week into our Adventure Through The Holidays Challenge (+ big giveaway) with Tales of a Mountain Mama.

This week we’re talking about winter camping and highlighting one of our sponsors for the challenge, Terramar.

Now if you don’t live in a cold, snowy climate like we do winter camping could actually be easy and enjoyable.

But if you do live in a cold, snowy and windy place here are a few tips to make winter camping fun.

  • If you have kids try to stay in a cabin or yurt instead of a tent. I know, this makes me sound like a total wimp but it’s nice to have some sort of a warm structure for kiddos to warm up in after a long day of skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and snow-fort building. We like rustic backcountry huts, cabins, and yurts that we have to ski to so it “feels” more like we’re camping.


  • Food! Bring more food than you think you’ll need. Not only do you burn more calories in the cold, but winter trips (at least for our families) are active because of well, snow.  A full belly will keep you warm. We like to eat hearty soups and stews although a taco bar was a huge hit when I did a cabin trip with a few friends last winter.


  • Bring clothes that dry quickly. When you’re winter camping you’ll get cold and wet, it’s inevitable. The moment you step into your tent, cabin, or yurt make a rule to change into dry clothing and hang up wet clothing to dry. It’s no fun wearing wet clothes and it will be impossible to warm up if you can’t get out of your wet clothing. When we go to the cabin we don’t even bring regular clothes. We wear our base layers indoors and when we’re sleeping and then add our mid and outer layers when we head outdoors.


  • Don’t forget cabin shoes. No one wants to wear ski boots or snow boots inside the cabin so bring a pair of slippers or crocs to wear inside and snow boots or overboots for quick trips to the outhouse.


  • If you’re skiing or snowshoeing to your destination don’t pack all your gear on your back! There’s no need to be ultralight in the winter. Pack along that bottle of wine (don’t forget the corkscrew), good food, books, games and lots of warm clothes. We make our kids ski and pull the sleeping bags, clothes, food and booze in the Chariot. That’s just good parenting, right?

What tips do you have for winter camping?

Click here to check out all the details for our Adventure Through the Holidays Challenge!!

It’s super easy to participate, just pick 4 of the 7 challenges we have listed HERE, do them over the course of the next 6 weeks and then fill out the form when you’re done. It’s too easy. Winners will be picked and announced on January 9th! 

We have a blog post planned every Sunday to help give you some ideas on how to get outdoors and participate as well as highlighting what you can win.

But…the most important part.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and use the hashtag #holidayadventure & tag us on social media (@mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman) so we can share in your adventure!

This week we’re highlighting a few of our giveaway items for this challenge, the Terramar Pebble Melange Reversible TightTerramar Cloud Nine Full Zip, both of which we’re giving away to one of you for Adventuring Through The Holidays with us.

Terramar is actually a new brand to me, but I do know that my family spent all last week on a ski vacation and I was super impressed with the warmth of the Terramar base layers that my kids were wearing and I noticed that they didn’t get super stinky like a lot of base layers. I’m intrigued by this…more to follow 🙂

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