Last summer a few Hike Like A Woman Ambassadors (Yvonne, Kathryn & Andrea) were provided a few Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirts for testing and review.  According to Arctic Cool:

“The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt uses HydroFreeze™ X Cooling Technology to do just that. Work up a sweat, and you’ll feel the cooling effect instantly. The HydroFreeze X construction is uniquely designed to absorb moisture when dry and cool when wet. Arctic Cool will keep you cooler longer, so you can not only play, you can play to win.” 


Here’s we loved about the shirt:

  • Great fit and comfort
  • Never showed a stain through mud, sweat, and toddler peanut butter finger hugs
  • Cooling technology works- the cooling technology activates nicely through sweat and pre-wetting

We did not have any negative feedback about the shirt, we would recommend it to friends.

We did come up with a few suggestions for Arctic Cool:

  • We would love to see some shirts printed with fun designs.  So much of hiking gear is solid    color, and it would be fun to collect several shirts with cool artwork on them….like the Hike Like A Woman logo 😉
  • Sports bras!  This technology should go into sports bras because the ladies are the first to get hot and sweaty! 
  • Market the shirt not only for athletic buyers.   It is also a great undershirt option for people who work in industries that involve a lot of heat and physical activity, such as construction.

Here is what Kathryn from Colorado had to say:


I will start off this review by being completely honest and saying that the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt is my new favorite shirt for warm weather activities.  I wouldn’t recommend it for the colder months, because…well, it works!  It does what it says and keeps you cool when the activities you’re doing and the temperatures around you make you wish for a dip in the pool.   While working out, I even tried pre-wetting it, and it was SO refreshing!

When the shirt arrived for me to test out, my two-year-old daughter was ooohing and ahhing so much you would have thought I tried on my wedding gown.  (She’s REALLY into hiking!)  The fit is very flattering and comfortable with no chaffing, which is important to me.  As a mother of two, I typically look for shirts that fit snugly for activities but don’t ride up easily over the mid-section.  I feel that this shirt has held up to that expectation and then some while being tested hiking with a toddler on my back, hauling and splitting firewood, and through a Spartan obstacle race in Breckenridge.  I was really worried that I would be too cold throughout the Spartan race, because our first obstacle was to cross a near freezing lake that rose as high as my chest.  It actually held in that moisture for the entire race and kept me at a perfectly comfortable temperature throughout the rest of the obstacles and uphill trail running.

Here is what Andrea from Georgia had to say:


I wore the Arctic cool shirt on several day hikes in August including Kennesaw Mountain, Amicalola Falls State Park, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Most days in August were over 80% humidity and over 90 degrees. I was so much more comfortable in the heat wearing this shirt. Even when my head was dripping sweat, the shirt kept my core cooler so I didn’t  suffer. The fit is very flattering as well. I am planning to buy a couple more in other colors and maybe some as gifts for the hikers or cyclists I know.


Here’s What Yvonne from Florida had to say:


Summer stretches long into the Fall down here in Florida, it’s Oct and still slightly sweltering, but that’s perfect for testing out Artic Cool’s Instant Cooling V-Neck Shirt! (note: it took me a few weeks to get this post published…-Rebecca)

As the summer comes to an end, I realize that I have been grabbing a couple of the same items to help battle the hot and humid temps – my water cup and “Cool Shirt”.  I might not be picture perfection as I step out in my safety orange shirt, but I’m A-OKAY with that because I know I’ll be seen if I happen to get lost! 

Artic Cool has created a line of active wear that wicks and disperses the moisture through the fabric, leaving skin dry and cool from the rapid rate of evaporation.  The overall feel of the shirt is soft and silky, like most wicking shirts, but what I really enjoy is the density of the shirt.  You know this shirt is going to be comfy just by holding it in your hands.  The construction of the shirt is top notch, no scratchy tags or seams.  Talking about seams, I noticed that the cut of the shirt either really works well with how I move or someone has figured out how to stop shirts from twisting and riding up! With that being said, the shirt has enough length that I don’t have to worry about baring a little skin if I’m climbing, reaching or stretching.  I think the shirts run a little small, at 5’2 and 115, the medium is just a tad too big but I know the small would have been too snug through the hips. 

Even though orange is definitely not my new black, I’m loving this shirt!  It truly has become one of my go-to favorite shirts for comfort, fit and “cool” factor.  By accident I discovered a little #lifehack, pull the shirt straight out of the washing machine and wear – it dries remarkably faster than the dryer and provides a little extra chill to start your adventure if it’s hot outside!

Do you want an Arctic Cool t-shirt? You can help support the Hike Like A Woman community by purchasing one (at no additional cost to you) through our Amazon affiliate program.

We recommend:

The Women’s V-Neck t-shirt.

The Instant Cooling Tank with Mesh.

The Instant  Cooling Tank.

And for the gentlemen…The Men’s t-shirt.


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