Last summer Armaskin sent Helina, Lucy & Tina a few pairs of their anti-blister sock liners for testing and review. The concept of this sock liner is unique, it is semi-adhesive or “sticky” on the inside while the outside of the sock is smooth fabric to reduce friction.

The concept intrigued me. I had read a review of Armaskin liners on Hiking With Her, another great resource for outdoor women, and I was excited to have Helina, Lucy, and Tina give them a try.  I was even more excited when they threw in a free pair for us to giveaway (more on that later). 

After months of testing and review both women reported different experiences with their Armaskin sock liners.  You can read Helina and Lucy’s experiences (and enter to win a pair of Armaskin sock liners) below.

Helina’s Thoughts

I was especially excited to review this product due to the abuse I’m constantly putting my feet through. Not only through hiking, but also through my daily activities at work. By me being constantly on my feet, I notice blisters appear almost monthly. I’ve tried different methods to prevent blisters, like wearing thick wool socks, but it doesn’t work for me during long treks. Moleskin is great, but covering both feet entirely is not cost effective. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to give this Armaskin a try.

I first tried the Armaskin during my hiking trip in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a nice and hot day with the sun blazing down on my naked shoulders. A college friend and I decided to hike around the petroglyphs that New Mexico is famous for, from the indigenous tribes that inhabited the land.

Well, the Armaskin definitely held up on their end. I walked all day in those wet-suit like socks. If you can imagine a very thin rubber like wetsuit around your feet well that’s what the Armaskin felt like. When I took off the socks I did not have a single blister. The product definitely lived up to their name. However, my feet were pretty sweaty, more than usually.

However, I would take sweat over blisters any day.

The only other thing I would tell someone before buying the product is make sure you’re comfortable in having a very tight sock around your feet when wearing the sock. I got use to the tightness after awhile, but it did feel weird in the beginning. I prefer loose clothing, however, it makes sense on why it’s so tight, in order for the product to actually work.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch the instruction video before wearing the sock for the first time. It isn’t rocket science to put on this sock, but it does make it easier 🙂

Overall I would recommend this product to friends, especially those that enjoy longer hikes and tend to be blister prone like myself. Take care of your feet, they help us explore.


Lucy’s Thoughts:

Blisters and I have a long history together.  I went through countless brands of socks and three different pairs of boots my first year of hiking trying to figure out how to stop the blisters.  I would get blisters bigger than my toes after the third day on the trail.  So I jumped at the chance to try out a blister prevention sock.

My first experience with Arma Skin Anti-Blister Sock was an 8-mile hike in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  I only wore one sock on my right foot because I wanted to be able to compare how my foot with the anti-blister sock did in comparison to the foot without it.

What I liked about the product?  It is a good concept.  To be sticky on the inside does keep the sock from moving around on your foot.

But, in my opinion, the product needs improvement.  It’s a good start but it is not something I would recommend.  Several problems I came across were that it had a crease at the ankle that caused sores on top of my ankle, the fabric didn’t have any give so my toes were killing me by the end of the hike (like when your boots are too small and you have hiked downhill all day) and it made my foot sweat like crazy!  Overall it was just very uncomfortable and made my poor little foot miserable. I only wore these sock liners once, because my first experience wasn’t very positive.

I do not recommend this product to friends, maybe one day in the future once the product has been improved upon.

So there you have it, two different experiences from two different women located in two very different parts of the United States.

After reading both reviews I was tempted to open up the giveaway package to try the sock liners myself…but I couldn’t do that.

Even with mixed reviews I’ve decided to offer up a pair of Armaskin socks (size medium, white, long) for a lucky reader. I only ask that if you’re the lucky winner you drop us a comment or email after you use the sock liners a few times to let us know your thoughts.

Sound good?

Use this nifty rafflecopter widget for a chance to win.

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You can also check out another blister prevention product we’ve recently reviewed called Wool-it or this post on how to prevent blisters.

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