When I interview inspiring women for our soon-to-be-launch podcast one question that I always ask is this. “What’s your favorite book?” I ask this question because books are important to me. They guide, mentor, educate and entertain. I love books, our Ambassador team loves books and lately I’ve been able to connect with some fun authors. We’re working on a recommended reading list for 2017 and throwing around the idea of starting a book club.

I’m excited to have Tina on the website today with a book review. I think you’re going to like her thoughts and find a book to add to your list.

Thanks, Tina!


“Life on Fire – A step by step guide to Living your Dreams” by Kim Dinan, is what the cover says.

My first thought when I read that was “Really, someone can help me live my dreams because I’m sure not doing that right now”?

So I kept reading on and the more I read, the more it spoke to me.

Before I tell you why I love this book let me back up a bit.

I’ve been in the health care field all my adult life. I’m an RN working in oncology home health care and for many years this was enough.

I love helping people but for the past few years I felt this strong urge to help people in a different sort of way.

At the time I wasn’t sure what that meant but I desperately wanted to pursue these feeling.

I had to read this book.    

What this book is about.

Life on Fire is a well thought out guide by Kim Dinan who has truly lived out her dream by quitting her 9 to 5 job, selling her house and most of her belongings to travel the world and write.

How’s that for a Life on Fire?

Each chapter builds on the next with exercises for you to do after each chapter.

She addresses how to define your dream, facing your fears and overcoming obstacles, the naysayers who are everywhere these days, sacrifices that you may have to make if you really want your dream to come true and what success will look like to you because success is different for everyone.

It’s a short read which makes it a perfect book to start with on your journey of living your passion.

Why I love this book

This book came to me at the right time when I was in the right mindset. I wanted change and I needed guidance on getting from where I was to where I want to be in 5 years from now.

It’s one book of many I can use as a tool to help me when I’m feeling stuck.

It serves as a guide to remind me what I need to do to take action and move, even if it is baby steps.

It’s also taught me to be quiet and listen to my gut feelings, allow the process to happen, surround myself with positive minded people who believe in me and ask for help.

My dreams are now goals, my plan is starting to make sense and overwhelm is not as great, meaning it doesn’t paralyze me to the point where I do nothing. I now do something no matter how small.

I know you’re probably thinking this book did all that for you?

As I mentioned earlier it came to me at the right time.  It was the missing piece of the puzzle that helps me put all my crazy ideas I have in my head together, well, most of the time. Other times those crazy ideas are just that, crazy and not worth acting on LOL!

So if you’re ready for a change and want a quick read with action steps you can do today this book may be for you. I keep it handy and refer to it often.

It’s also given me an idea to create a workbook that could help others get unstuck, like I was (one of my crazy ideas!) stay tuned.

Now I’ll turn it over to you, are you living your dreams? If not, why not? Let us know in the comments below, would love to hear your thoughts on living a life on fire.

~Tina Lanciault

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  1. Thanks for the review – I’m an RN and would love to become “unstuck” too. Oncology home health sounds like a very mentally and emotionally demanding specialty. I am in rehab and have been wanting to take the leap into something new for the last several months. I will have to check this book out.

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