For the next few weeks, we’ll going to stray from our typical content and focus on reviewing a few products that we’ve been testing around here. First up, LuLaRoe leggings.

Rebecca’s Thoughts

Several months ago my sister-in-law, Laura, started selling LuLaRoe products.

When I heard this news I had to google LuLaRoe because either I live under a rock, or I’m just not that fashionable.

Or both.

I’m also one of those women who doesn’t like it when my friends get involved in businesses where the want to sell things to me. I want to be friends without feeling obligated to buy their stuff.

So, Laura becomes a LuLaRoe consultant. I wasn’t sure what to think or even if I’d want to even buy any LuLaRoe products from her.

I checked out the LuLeRoe website and none of the clothes really seemed to fit my style. It was all so, bubble-gum-cute-stay-at-home-mom-in-utah.

Then I saw Laura over the summer and she threw a pair of leggings my way.

They landed on my lap in my parents living room as I was elbow deep in a bowl of popcorn with cheese.

“Try them on,” my Mom urged.

So I did.

My Mom can be kinda Mommish.

(love ya, Mom)

My first thought was how soft the leggings were.

Then I realized that they fit pretty well too.

Then I wore them all day and all night and there wasn’t any of that sag in the waist and crotch that normally happens after wearing leggings for a few hours.

Then I wore them for two weeks straight (almost).

Now I own 4 pairs of LuLaRoe leggings. Three of which I purchased myself. That’s how much I like them.


(blurry photo taken in my guest room/yoga room at 4:45 am this morning…because the early bird gets the worm)

Here’s what I like about them:

They are cute and functional. From my morning workout to a base layer under ski pants.

To riding my bike in the rain for kindergarten pick up..


To wearing them with my epic Viking Halloween costume…


I even paired them with a cute skirt for a night on the town with my husband once.

They go with everything.

But, who I am kidding, a night on the town involves dinner and then laying around watching Netflix. They go great from trendy downtown restaurant to cuddling on the couch. 

I also like that they come in fun patterns and designs. Traditionally I’m a black leggings kind of gal, but it’s hard not to get sucked into all of the fun colors and designs of these leggings. I like pairing a funky pattern with a plain black skirt on cooler days and I can’t wait to wear them with my assortment of insulated skirts this winter.

The kid’s leggings are even more adorable than the women’s leggings. Case in point…my 3-year-old.


Here’s what could be improved:

I know a lot of women who hike in their LuLaRoe leggings and while I’ll trail run, do yoga, pilates and yard work in mine they aren’t my first choice for hiking. Mostly because I don’t want to snag the fabric or ruin the leggings (and hiking with my children means that I’m eventually going to find myself sliding down a granite rock).

They do feel soft but a little bit flimsy to me, but really what leggings don’t? My kids hike in their leggings all the time. So maybe it’s just a double-standard?

Also, when you buy LuLaRoe you pay sales taxed based on the consultant’s location, not where you live…so if you live in a place without sales tax (like Montana) and buy from a consultant outside of Montana you’ll have to pay sales tax. I don’t understand this but it can kinda be a bummer.

I also like to support my friends who sell stuff (see above) but I’d also like to support local retailers so I’d love to see LuLaRoe in stores (and now every LLR consultant out there hates me 😉

Do I recommend LuLaRoe leggings:

Yes, absolutely! These leggings are affordable and fun. They fit well (I’m 5’8 and I wear a regular), you can go days without washing them and they still look good (unless you’ve been crawling through dirt, of course), and they are one thing in my closet that can go with just about anything.

Laura was kind enough to let a few of our Ambassadors test them out too, here’s what Annie thought.

Annie’s Thoughts

LuLaRoe Leggings have been a bit of a craze for some time now but I’m not big on leggings or anything skin tight for that matter. I’m a bigger gal and like most, I tend to be self-conscious. I also have some kind of hang-up about pockets which leggings don’t usually have. When they were offered for review I decided to try to come out of my shell, put my hang-ups aside, and see what the big deal was all about.

My package arrived, shipped direct from the consultant and I found myself excited to try them on. They were comfortable and seemed as if they’d be warm on the trail so I was hesitant to hit the trail in the summer heat initially. I had volunteered to put these leggings to the test so I finally sucked up what little self-esteem I had, pulled those leggings on and hit the trail in late summer.

I wore them hiking all across Western Kentucky, even into parts of Tennessee and through the change of seasons. I snagged them on thorns, had my dog leaving dirty paw prints on them and got them dirty several times.

Surprisingly LuLaRoe leggings were not warm on the trail at all, quite the opposite actually. They were very breathable and sweat dried quickly, given the chance. I loved the fact I felt more mobile and agile in them versus wearing pants on the trail. Once the seasons changed and the weather cooled the breathability of them became a detriment. I pretreated spots and stains with Shout and all were easily removed, overall care was a breeze. My LuLaRoe Leggings still look new despite being snagged and once stained.  

Pockets! I just can’t seem to get myself together without them and having to take my pack off every time I wanted to simply grab my cell phone or reference a map was a hassle. A little stash pocket on the inside would make me love them a little more.

A thermal line for Winter wear from LuLaRoe would be nice. The leggings are great for Summer wear but once the chillier air creeps in with a bit of wind you can put them away till Spring or just lounge around the house in them.

Tall/Curvy is the size I selected for myself being on the plus side but unfortunately I’m not on the tall side. At just 5’7” this means the leggings bunch and scrunch up in places, around the waist or at the ankles. Something you may to take into consideration should you place an order.

I would recommend LuLaRoe Leggings for warm weather hiking or just casual wear. They are very comfortable on/off the trail and affordable.

Here’s Ashli’s thoughts:


These leggings are super comfy and have a nice feel while hiking.  I didn’t have any problems with chafing or anything like that.

I definitely would not wear them during a hot Utah summer.  The fabric is too warm and thick. But I do think they are fine to hike in  during mild temps…spring and fall are perfect.  50’s-60’s is probably my sweet zone for the temperature, but I do run on the hot/sweaty side so people who don’t overheat easily may have a higher temp threshold.

I love that I can dress them up more than my regular hiking spandex.  It’s easy to go from the grocery store straight to the trail without looking frumpy.

I think these leggings are great for an active/semi-active lifestyle.  Especially for people like me who like to look cute but still be comfortable.  No fuss fashion for people who don’t like to spend a lot of time thinking about it.

We’ll update this post with a few more Ambassador reviews later but for now you’re all invited to pick up your own pair of LuLaRoe leggings at a discounted price.

All you gotta do is email Laura at specials.lularoelauraconnell(at) to receive a special deal. Sound good? I thought so! You can shop here & check out Laura’s Facebook page here for giveaways, deals and offers. Thank you! 

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4 comments on “LuLaRoe Leggings On The Trail

  1. To start off, I am a fella. I have female friends (and a brother who him and his wife sell it) that talked me in to trying LLR. Took me a minute to step out and try them at first haha. I would never wear them to the mall or even the convenience store for that matter, but I do love them. Took them on a hike yesterday for the first time and other than them sliding down to my waist instead of staying pulled up they were fine. I was scared one time I hung them on a stick but I did get lucky with no hole. Only hike behind my house in them. However I wish it were nore acceptable in public for men to wear them. Hopefully in the future. Y’all keep on hiking!!

  2. Absolutely Moms can be Momish, Love this. My mom still buys me stuff and I love it cause often it is a surprise for me and I really Love it when she comes in my room with a smile on her face and she is like surprise. So the leggings actually were great, I am thinking on buying some comfy leggings for my morning trail to the mountains. I guess I will look forward to buying these.

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