Over the past two years Skhoop has become one of my favorite brands for cold weather clothing. I love Skhoop down skirts, I practically live in them and often throw them over leggings (and even jeans) when I run errands around town or play outside with my kids. I love my Skhoop puffy jacket because it’s form fitting and is perfect underneath a shell on super cold days. When Skhoop offered up a Long Down Hoodie for a member of our team to test and review Kate was the lucky girl to get to test it out. She’s only had the jacket for a few months but here are her initial thoughts.

I’ll let Kate take it away!

It’s not even winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m already freezing.

The Southerner in me is used to wearing a sweatshirt and windbreaker in the colder months, and I’ve been known to wear sandals year-round.  The locals would probably tell me to invest in a rain jacket, but I’m already looking for something with a little more insulation.

Luckily, I was provided a Skhoop Long Down hoodie to review. Although it is only starting to cool down here in the PNW, it seems that it this jacket could be a good fit for a lot of my fall, winter and early spring adventures. I reviewed the long down hoodie, all beet red color, size medium. I usually wear a medium in jackets and the Skhoop hoodie is similar in size to other medium jackets. I am 5’9” and the bottom hem hits mid-thigh. At the time of writing, the cost is $279.00 USD with free shipping for orders over $75 USD.

What I like:

  • Fit. The jacket has a definite feminine fit, but I can still move around in it. My main complaint with most jackets is that they are tight in the shoulder restrict my arm movement. However, this jacket didn’t box my arm movements in, and I was able to have full range of motion of my upper body even when I layered it over a sweater.
  • Length. As you can see in the pictures, this jacket completely covers my butt and ends mid-thigh. I was concerned that the length would make it a poor choice for hiking and other outdoor adventures, but I am pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn’t inhibit my range of motion as much as I had expected. I can’t do the splits or high kicks, but I can sink into a decent lunge and easily walk up and down stairs. It has a 2-way YKK zipper that allows it to unzip from the bottom which increases your range of motion if need be. It would certainly be a suitable choice for easier hikes, but I would be concerned with not being able to maneuver over rock scrambles or steep inclines on more difficult hikes.
  • The down. Inside the jacket there is a tag sewn in with a little blurb about how they get their feathers for their down jackets and how to care for the jacket. The down is ethically sourced as a by-product from meat production and I am glad to know that I can wear this jacket with a clean conscience. Ethics aside, I do love down jackets for their light weight and compressibility without sacrificing warmth. My Skhoop jacket easily packs into a gallon-sized Ziplock bag and weighs 480g. When cared for properly down insulation can keep you warm for years, which make down insulated products worth the cost. I like that this Skhoop jacket has a very classic design and won’t go out of style in a year or two. (note: Skhoop also has a down-free line of clothing, you can learn more about it here)
  • Water resistance. I live outside of the Seattle area, and we get some sort of precipitation most days. Down is a poor insulator when wet, but the Skhoop jacket has an environmentally friendly DWR water resistant finish. I haven’t tried it out in a full downpour, but I have stayed warm and dry on misty days.


  • The length. The explorer in me is much more comfortable wearing a hip length jacket rather than one that hits mid thigh. I often hike over rocks, streams and roots on difficult hikes, and I like to have full range of motion in my legs. I am also concerned that my range of motion may be inhibited when skiing or snowshoeing even if I unzip the bottom portion of the jacket. Hopefully, it will continue to snow in the Cascades, and I will get a chance to try it out in the next month and be able to edit this review.

Last thoughts:

This is a well-constructed winter jacket that I hope I can wear for years. The winter jacket that I’ve worn over the past two years is hip length, and I felt like it worked well for camping and hiking. However, it was too casual to wear when I was going out to dinner with friends, and it didn’t keep my legs warm  when I was driving to work (disclaimer: I am a nurse and wear scrubs to work, and scrubs have no insulation).

The length and cut is this jacket’s greatest strength or its greatest weakness, depending on your activity.  If you often engage in steep ascents, rock scrambles, or you if you are a climber, I would suggest choosing a jacket with a shorter length.

However, if you are a beginner to intermediate hiker and want a jacket that you can wear on the trail but also to work or out to dinner with friends, you may have found yourself a great jacket.

What’s your favorite winter jacket?

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