Meet Stephanie Harper.

Stephanie is a writer, a wife, a mother an outdoor enthusiast and a lifelong learner. You can learn more about Stephanie on her website at Raising Kids Wild.

You can listen to our interview right here and check out our show notes below.


  • 1:30  Raising Kids Wild started  as a way to help her friends get outdoors with their children.

  • 3:00: “We’re a blended-multicultural family,” Stephane with @RaisingKidsWild talks about being the mother of 4 on the @hikelikeawoman podcast
  • 4:00: Stephanie’s #1 tip.

  • 7:50: Real failure sets in in your 30’s. Listen to learn why.
  • 10:30: If Stephanie accidentally grabs your child it’s not because she’s a kidnapper, it’s just because she’s a Mom of 4 trying to keep her children together.
  • 13:00: The disgusting things we do as outdoor mothers.
  • 16:14: The truth about bribing kids on hikes.

  • 17:17: A shout-out to walking tacos.
  • 19:00: Reflections on her own childhood.

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