It’s Christmas morning and I’ve deleted my previously scheduled post to write what is on my heart today.

My kids and husband are buried in legos.

Big, fat snowflakes are falling outside my window.

And I’m on my 2nd cup of hot wassail.

I’m wondering about that moment when you go from being excited about getting on Christmas to being excited about giving.

I always get a little nostalgic during the holidays. It’s a time of Christmas traditions, it’s a time of holiday memories, it’s a time of gratitude and a time of reflection and soul-searching. It’s a time for new goals, joy and family.

But it’s also a time when I think back to difficult times during the holidays. Times when money has been tight, or when I was deployed to Iraq or my husband was deployed without me, or times when my heart broke for someone else who was struggling.

Just over a week ago we learned that Lucy, who contributes to our website and helps out behind the scenes was super sick and in the hospital. We knew that we wanted to do something for her so we set up a fundraising page. My goal was to raise $200.00 to help her with a few medical expenses.

But something magical happened.

Our community rallied together in support of Lucy.

And the giving surpassed my initial $200.00 goal.

It surpassed $500.00.

It surpassed $1,000.00.

Together we earned $1,037.02 for Lucy.

But more than that we couldn’t even keep up with all of the warm wishes, thoughts, and love for her.

Lucy was able to rally, get out of the hospital a few days later but she’s still struggling as she adjusts to a little break from the trails while doctors try to figure out the cause of her blood clots.

You can read her thoughts right here. 

Talking with Lucy and my team the past few weeks has caused me to reflect on a few things.

I’ve learned to never doubt the importance of community.

Our small, online outdoor community rallied together in support of Lucy.

I’d like to think that we could put our forces together for good in so many other ways.

I don’t know what those are yet, but I plan to spend the next few months thinking about what we can do to help each other out and I’m definitely open to your thoughts and your suggestions.

Thank you so much for supporting Lucy.

Thank you so much for supporting HLAW & our team.

But most of all, thank you for being here. For reading our blog posts, for listening to our podcast and for helping us develop an amazing online community.

Here’s to an amazing you and an amazing 2017!

p.s. Our Adventure Through The Holiday’s Theme this week is to have a winter picnic. I’ll admit that winter picnics for my family involve granola bars and apple slices 🙂 But we do have one more week of the challenge left so be sure to check it out, keep on tagging Tales of a Mountain Mama & us (#holidayadventure) with your photos and give this week’s sponsor, Huppy Bar a little bit of love. Cheers!


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