Meet Kristen Lummis.

Kristin is a wife, mom, skier,

You can listen to our interview right here and check out our show notes below.


  • 1:30 “You know Mom, I knew you’d never start that blog.”
  • 2:20 You have to be brave to be a mom, not just a ski mom.
  • 4:00 What a cancer diagnosis feels like and being an advocate for families with cancer.

  • 8:00 Hiking as therapy

  • 9:20: Why she loves Snowmass.

  • 11:00: Kristen made every mistake when skiing with her young children.

  • 14:28: Why skiing is joyful.
  • 16:00: Save money by skiing on your local hill and avoiding the famous destination resorts
  • 18:00  A shout-out to Michelle Obama and why she should go ski with Kristen in Colorado.
  • 21:00: Chapstick, hand warmers and snacks. Everything a brave ski mom needs in her pocket.
  • 21:30: A shout-out to Rice A Roni, it’s what’s for dinner!
  • 24:00: What Kristen would have told her 12-year-old self

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