I’m always searching for an affordable phone case that doesn’t interfere with what I want my phone to do and sound quality. A few months ago I was contacted by Hitcase and offered a phone case for review (and giveaway). Hitcase has the goal to provide mobile phone cases tough enough for the outdoor adventurer. Jennifer, one our Ambassador Team volunteered to test this product and here are her initial thoughts. Since we’ve noticed that the functionality of cell phone cases tends to diminish over time we hope to update this review in a few months



I’m pretty hard on my phone.  Whether I’m dropping it or spilling something on it, my phone usually suffers some form of abuse daily.  So I was beyond excited when I was given the opportunity to test the Hitcase Shield, “the world’s thinnest waterproof” case.  The Hitcase Shield is made of a 10.85mm aluminum frame and is waterproof and shatterproof up to six feet while allowing full access to all sensors, ports, screens, and cameras. 

I knew it wouldn’t be, but my first reaction when I received my Hitcase Shield was ‘damn, it’s not pink’.  However, the transparent design of the case did allow my pink phone to be seen.


To ensure best product results I followed the directions for putting the case together exactly.  I would suggest moving the pre-use water test section to the beginning of the instructions opposed to the end. 


Fortunately, I read ahead!  Putting the case together took minimal effort and would probably get easier the more it’s done.

I tested the Hitcase Shield for three weeks.  In those three weeks, the case survived eight 12-hour shifts in a busy ER, a trauma education class, a night out with the girls, five hikes for a total of 30 miles on the trail, and a morning of Goat Yoga.

What I liked about the Hitcase Shield

  • I don’t carry a purse so my phone needs to be able to fit into my pockets.  The Hitcase Shield was thin enough and sleek enough to fit into my jeans back pocket, my hiking pants cargo pocket, my yoga pants hidden pocket, and my scrub pants pockets without any effort.
  • The Hitcase Shield definitely takes a beating.  During the three weeks I tested the case it was dropped A LOT, on many different surfaces, tile, cement, and on the dirt and rock trails of the Arizona desert.  The only evidence of its many beatings is a few small knicks in the aluminum casing.


  • Though I wasn’t brave enough to submerge the case with my phone in it, it did survive many splashes, dog drools, and a substantial chicken noodle soup flooding.


What I didn’t like about the Hitcase Shield

  • More pressure was needed to work my touchscreen.  I thought I’d eventually become accustomed to the increased pressure requirement but I didn’t and the longer I used the case the more it frustrated me.
  • My car charger wouldn’t fit through the port provided, something I didn’t discover until out on an all day, high phone use day.  Fortunately, we had extra USB chargers and adapters so I was able to solve this problem without any extra cost. 
  • My phone’s voice quality was severely decreased.  Any time I needed to actually talk on the phone I had to put the phone on speaker otherwise I couldn’t be heard.  And even with both the charger and headphone ports open the voice quality was poor at best.

        Would I recommend the Hitcase Shield to friends?

I would recommend the Hitcase Shield, but only to those friends that routinely spend a lot of time on outdoor activities.  The features of the case that I don’t like impact the overall quality of my phone enough that I won’t use it as my everyday phone case.  But, the case definitely delivers what it promises in terms of durability so I’ll continue to use it for outdoor adventures.


You can learn more about Hitcase here and enter to win one! Just use this fancy widget to enter the giveaway.

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  1. Hiking immediately improves my mood. I could be have the worst day, where I am constantly losing my patience and my kids are driving my crazy. But when I get outside and connect with nature, it all just seems to melt away.

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