Meet Lisa Munniksma

Lisa is a hiker, a wanderer, a writer and a world traveler.

Her adventures have taken her from Turkey to Italy, Puerto Rico and beyond.

She’s even worked on a Horse Farm in England.

You can read about her travels at Freelance Farmer Chick and her outdoor adventures right here on Hike Like A Woman.

You can listen to the show here and check out our show notes below. But…I do have to apologize. In two or three places the audio is a little bit scratchy.

It’s like we were getting into a fight with a giant alley cat. But we weren’t, of course. I’m not sure what happened there but hang in there, each scratchy segment only lasts a few seconds.


  • 5:30  On embarrassing promotional videos.
  • 9:00 Why Italy won Lisa’s heart.
  • 11:30 On being a solo female traveler.

  • 15:00 Being able to work in Puerto Rico this winter.
  • 21:00 Why Lisa has a flask in her pack.
  • 24:00 Coconut vegetable curry (get the recipe), and negotiating outdoor time instead of homework after school as a child.
  • 30:00

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