Meet Alyssa Erickson.

Alyssa is a skier, hiker, runner and homeschooling Mom who makes outdoor adventures a priority for her family. In this interview, Alyssa shares some of her thoughts on what it means to be an outdoor family and how she balances it all. You can learn more about Alyssa on her website at

You can listen to the show here and check out our show notes below.

  • 2:00  The myth that once you have a child your adventures are over.

  • 5:30 Why it’s important to balance family time with me time, especially as a mother.
  • 6:30 On homeschooling, life and adventure.
  • 9:30 How Alyssa’s daughter inspired me with this Instagram photo.
  • 12:00 Balancing easy adventures with hard adventures and trying to figure out what’s best for the family.

  • 15:15 How adventure changes as children grow.

  • 20:00 A shout-out to backpacking burritos
  • 23:00 Don’t  let people put you in a box (not a real box….)

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