Meet Whitney Klenzendorf.

Whitney is an outdoor woman who is passionate about helping women who are new to the outdoors and outdoor Veterans develop the knowledge and courage to lace up their boots and get out on a trail.

Whitney is also an avid hunter and in our conversation, you’ll hear her perspective on guns, gun safety and shooting, so even if guns aren’t your thing I encourage you to listen I still think you’ll enjoy this interview.

Whitney is also a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador and she contributes to our website frequently so be sure to read some of her articles here and check out her blog at

Enjoy the show!

  • 3:00 Why important for outdoor women to encourage each other and provide mentorship and guidance.
  • 5:00 Why girls need to learn how to shoot.
  • 7:00 Backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, you can read about this adventure here.
  • 10:00
  • 14:00 Why gun safety is so important, and what game laws provide for us.
  • 17:00 In Texas hunting funds wildlife conservation.
  • 21:00 Whitnye’s thoughts on doing it all.
  • 23:00 Why Whitney wants to hike with Jenna Bush Hager
  • 26:00 Be nice to others and don’t submit to peer pressure, what Whitney would tell her 12-year-old self.

You can find Whitney at

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