When Hayley with Traveling Hiking Family posted about #rockingmotherhood I knew that this was a project for #teamHLAW.

You see lately I’ve been in a motherhood slump.

My oldest kid is in kindergarten, which leaves just me and my 3-year-old during the day.

When my youngest son was left alone at home while his brother was in school the dynamic in our family really changed. He suddenly found himself without anyone to play with.

Since I was too busy to play (how that for a bad excuse?) I found myself plopping him down in front of Wild Kratts for several hours during the day so I could get more work done….because honestly as most small business owners know there is never enough time to get it all done.

During the holidays I realized that my kid was spending more time in front of the TV than outside…and it was a BIG deal to me.

What kind of a hypocrite am I if I preach to the world, and write books about getting children outdoors and onto trails just to have my child zone out to cartoons for half of the day?

That’s just not cool. I was super angry at myself.

Since then I’ve made a huge change to our daily schedule, I’ve scheduled more outdoor time for us during the day.

I’ve hired a babysitter to spend a few extra hours with my 3-year-old every week so I can work. I have asked someone to help out with Hike Like A Woman so that I can free up time in my day for quality outdoor time with my child…even if it’s just a walk to the post office or an hour of swimming at our local pool.

It’s seriously hard for me to ask for help! Does anyone else struggle with this?

I’m far from the World’s Best Mom.

In fact, I’m far from the World’s Best Anything.

But every day I’m trying to be just a little bit better than I was the day before.

And that, my dear friends.

Is why I am #rockingmotherhood.

If you’re a Mom or a Dad, or a Grandma or an Aunt or an Uncle or a caregiver to a child can I ask you to do just one thing today?

Stop for a second, and put all of those thoughts about things that you are doing wrong for the children in your life out of your head?

Will you tell those feelings of inadequacy or guilt to take a hike?

Instead, will you take just a second and tell yourself one thing that you are doing to rock motherhood?

I asked a few of the #teamHLAW Mom’s how they felt about #rockingmotherhood. Here’s what they had to say…

I rock motherhood because I started taking my son skiing on days he doesn’t have school so I don’t have to be a “mom” all day. True story.   –Stephanie

You can read more about Stephanie #rockingmotherhood right here.

Photo Courtesy: Stephanie Mullins

I’m #rockingmotherhood by being the mom who always instigates and participates in old school messy fun. We are often that family that gets approached by other adults who say, “I would never let my kids do that….but it does look like you’re having a lot of fun!”

Here you can see me just after a pie eating contest at our house, my son playing in the mud at a rained out 3 day camping music festival (He made it in 2 different newspapers for this. Haha!), my daughter painting in my studio while I work, and my husband bobbing for apples at our son’s birthday party.

No matter how young or old, it’s always more fun to get a little dirty!          –Kathryn

Photo Courtesy Kathryn Petroff

I #rockedmotherhood because I raised an independent, unique, adventure loving, travel seeking daughter all on my own. Single motherhood wasn’t always easy, but we made it work!  –Jennifer

Photo Courtesy Jennifer Hewitt

I #rockedmotherhood because I’ve raised four awesome kids so far while struggling through my own demons of depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues. Every day comes with its own struggles but their positivity, love and kindness towards myself and others lift me every day. I have done four things right in this world and they are Austin, Serenity, Lena and Stephen. I rock motherhood thanks to them.


Photo Courtesy Emily Decker

Now we nominate our friend Susan with Mountain Mom & Tots to tell us why SHE rocks motherhood…and p.s. go check out her monthly challenges! We love what she is doing.


Do you want to play along?

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