Meet Jami Savage.

Jami is a Canadian adventurer who went from indoor Mom to outdoor Mom and redefined motherhood and her children’s lives.

Jami is also an incredible storyteller and her interview is full of true and honest tales of challenges and triumphs.

You can find her on her website at Adventure Awaits.


  • 2:30 Using your own “body-power” to explore
  • 5:00: Come explore Canada’s National Parks!
  • 7:00 A solo 2,500-kilometer road trip with her kids and waiting out a hailstorm in the tent.    

  • 9:00 Why it’s important to go outside of your comfort zone
  • 11:00 Why you don’t have to give it all up once you become a Mom

  • 14:00 On redefining the norm of her children’s lives
  • 15:12 I wonder if we can sing louder than the rain
  • 18:00 How she started mountain biking
  • 25:00 Jami & the whale
  • 27:00  I would say, trust your gut”—Jami on what she’d tell her 12-year-old self.


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