Have you ever had to deal with your period while on a hike? Welcome #teamHLAW’s Lucy to the blog today as she reviews Animosa’s Go With Your Flow pack.

I signed up to review the Animosa Go With Your Flow Pack because I literally hike every Saturday and every holiday and because I AM A WOMAN, lol!  I was able to take the pack on one hike prior to being attacked by blood clots in my lungs and legs.  So, I am not allowed to hike for the next 3-6 months.

The good news for Animosa (not so much for me) is that while in the hospital they took away my birth control and put me on a very high dose of blood thinners. NOT a good combination when it comes to your “flow”.  So I now literally carry the Animosa pack with me everywhere I go. The pack is large enough that I can stuff it full of all sizes of feminine products. Which is great because I never know what “flow” will throw at me from day to day.

The pack comes with:

  • Light weight clutch for the outer case (see pic above), which buttons and zippers closed.
  • Reusable poly-coated vinyl disposal pouch (which is where you store your waste until you find a trash can)
  • 10 wipes to keep you feeling clean and fresh (which is really something needed when hiking as a woman, even without your “flow”)
  • 10 baggies (for your waste, you place it in this bag then inside the reusable vinyl pouch)
  • Instruction card (which really helps for the first use)
  • Field notebook (for those who need to write their thoughts down before they forget them)
  • Animosa Sticker (everybody knows I love stickers!)

You definitely get your money’s worth out of the pack!

You supply your preferred feminine products. The clutch has one large divider and two small pockets for the wipes and baggies. I put my feminine products on one side of the clutch and the disposal pouch on the other side. While not hiking I remove the disposal pouch since there is usually a trash can nearby, and it is pretty heavy weight.

I love this product! And like I said I carry it with me everywhere I go now. I loved it so much that when they started their Kickstarter campaign I donated without a second thought!

Suggestions: I would like to see more color options/patterns for the clutch, possibly Wonder Woman!  Or at least pink and purple. The wipes are great!  The baggies, I felt, would be easier to use if shaped more like a glove, so you could use your fingers more easily. I would also add in a small hand sanitizer to the pack. The zippers can be a little stubborn but I have always been able to get them zipped and unzipped.

Overall, I would recommend the product to all my ladies! Thank you Animosa for making it easier to be a woman in the outdoors!

Note: We received this sample to test and review BUT we’re super stoked because this product will be available in May!

p.s. Did you catch our recent interview with Kate, the founder of Animosa? You can read our show notes or listen to her episode right here:

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