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Meet Samantha Odom, the founder of Lady Hike. Lady Hiking is an amazing apparel company for women hikers and in this interview, we’ll talk about the struggles and joys of entrepreneurship. It’s a must-listen to any woman who envisions launching an outdoor brand.

Lady Hike is launching a Kickstarter today at 5 pm MST so go check it out and support Samantha and our friends at ladyhike.com.

Enjoy the show

  • 5:13 “Being out on the trail is really peaceful,” says Samantha. “We heal a lot on the trail.”
  • 10:00 Everything you need to know about Lady Hike
  • 11:20 Lady Hike for pregnant and nursing Mamas.
  • 13:00 From a homemade jean skirt to Lady Hike
  • 16:46 “I don’t own pants, I love being feminine,” Samantha. “Dresses are made for us.”
  • 21:40 The best thing about Lady Hike is the women who are excited about Lady Hike, it reignites Samantha’s passion.
  • 26:00 Samantha loves hiking with her family, don’t tell anyone but it’s almost like going on a date with her husband.
  • 34:00 Samantha’s thoughts on motherhood.
  • 38:00 “I would tell my 12-year-old self to dream really big and think for myself.”

 “You create your own reality when you believe in yourself so I tell myself to go for it…dream big,”

-Samantha Odom, founder of Lady Hike

 You can find Samantha here: www.ladyhike.com

Support the Lady Hike Kickstarter here: https://www.ladyhike.com/kickstarter/…Kickstarter goes live tonight at 5 pm MST.

Samantha recommends the book, The Red Tent, you can support the podcast in a small way by purchasing it through our Amazon affiliate program.

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