Meet Liz Galloway.

Liz is the owner of Latitude Thirty Eight, a company that provides urban luxury adventuring through pop-up camps.

Her business is so unique that I knew she needed to be on the show.

You can learn more at

Enjoy our conversation.

p.s. I’m actually off the grid this weekend for a Girls Weekend in the Colorado backcountry and while everything is scheduled to automatically publish technology tends to hate me so…just in case you can’t listen to the show here I know for sure that it will be published on Libsyn right here at 4 am on Saturday.  

Show Notes:

10:00 Providing something unique in the tourism industry

13:00 Giving back to the local economy

16:50 Liz recommends the book Rising Strong by Renee Brown

17:00 Liz’s packing list, a selfie stick & a flask

“I’m going to be warm and have plenty of photos,” @Latitude38Tours on the @HikeLikeAWoman #podcast

22:01 I would tell my 12-year-old self, “let your weirdness shine through,” be true to yourself.

Find Liz here:

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