If anyone on our Ambassador team knows camping gear, it’s Stephanie. We’re excited that she’s bringing a review of the Survival Hax Self Inflating Sleeping Pad today. This is just her initial thoughts, we expect a follow-up later this summer because we know that it takes months and months to really put camping gear to the test. Thanks Stephanie!

Years ago I would not go camping unless I had a plush air mattress upon which to lay my neurotic head.

Fast forward fifteen years and I still demand an air mattress, albeit a much more compact version.

These days we don’t car camp much; our camping is the backpacking variety.

For six summers, we collapsed onto Thermarest NeoAir Mattresses.

Unfortunately, last year both of ours started to leak, and despite our best attempts at patching, we woke up on the ground.

We don’t fancy waking up on the ground.

Dustin bought a new one and we agreed I would get a new one this coming summer.

Luckily I had an opportunity to review a Survival Hax self-inflating air mattress landed in my lap courtesy of Hike Like A Woman. I will you give my initial thoughts with a full review to come in the following weeks. 

To date, I have only used the product overnight when indoors.

We visit our folks for Christmas and all three of us have to sleep on a double sized bed.

Instead of being cramped, I decided to bring along the Survival Hax sleeping pad.

It wasn’t the most comfortable night’s sleep. The pad was on a hardwood floor instead of a dirt, which could have taken away from the comfort factor.

The pad slid all over the place, but my hips didn’t touch the ground, which is a big bonus for me.

As for outdoor use, I laid on it in our yard inside my sleeping bag. I could feel the cold coming through the pad.

Considering that my son sleeps more on my pad than Dustin’s, I didn’t think it a good choice for winter camping.  


The Survival Hax air mattress boasts a low price point!

When you consider we spent around some $140 dollars for our air mattresses, the Survival Hax is a steal. If you are only interested in car camping, this could be your go to. It can also double as a nice padded yoga mat!

The Survival Hax sleep pad is heavy, bulky, cold, and does not completely self-inflate. Improving the self-inflating mechanism and shaving some weight while adding some insulation would make this more appealing to me.

If you are a backpacker looking for an inexpensive mat, this may not be the one you want. If weight, space, and warmth factor are not a concern, you might want to consider this pad with its sub forty dollar price point.

I am anxious to try this in the tent when the weather warms.

I don’t feel I can give it the review it deserves until I have put it through a camping test run.

If you are looking for an inexpensive sleep pad for an upcoming camping trip or an overnight, you might want to give it a try since they have a satisfaction guarantee.


As an extra sleep space solution, I can recommend this product if you are a side sleeper.

If you are a back or stomach sleeper, this pad may be a little small unless you are tiny.

However, it is a great kid’s nap mat and would serve well as a kid’s sleep pad in the tent. 

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