We’re starting something new around here.

On Friday’s we plan to focus our blog around outdoor families. You might have noticed last week’s inaugural post about hiking with kids.

But we’re not just going to talk about kids and the traditional Mom + Dad + 2 Kids + A Dog + A 4-person tent families here.

No, we’re going to talk about all sorts of outdoor families.

From hiking with newborns to Grandparents, friends that are close enough to be family, and even pets who you consider to be your family.

We’ve realized that outdoor families, like all families, are diverse and that needs to be celebrated.

We’re kicking off our second #familyfriday post with a few reasons why you should take your Grandma hiking.

But first some background.

Just over 2 years ago my in-laws moved to a town about 45 miles from my house. I feel super lucky because my children get to see one of their three sets of grandparents frequently.

It’s been good for our family to have Grandparents close (but not too close).

My husband and I eloped on a whim we didn’t have any of that awkward engagement ‘meet the parents’ type stuff. After 11 years of marriage, I’ve finally been able to really get to know my in-laws.

I blame hiking.

When we meet on the trails halfway between our houses we have the best conversations.

On each hike, I get to learn a little bit more about my husband as a child and his Mom and Stepdad.

Being outdoors and meandering down a trail is an activity we all enjoy and while I spend the hikes learning my children get to create magical memories with their Grandparents.

As I was thinking about this blog post I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the other women on our Ambassador team had experienced magical memories on the trail with either their grandchildren or their grandparents.

Grandma’s Lorna, Jill & Tina chimed in while Jennifer left a comment about knowing that her Grandma would have loved to hear her accounts of her adventures on the trail.

So here we go. A few good reasons to take your Grandma on a hike.

1) Grandma will bring snacks. Lots of snacks. They won’t be the healthy snacks that Mom has in her daypack either. She’ll probably bring you chocolate.

2) Take your Grandma hiking because your kids just might learn something! “I’ve been giving my grand kids a history lesson while hiking on the trail. We’ve been hiking the AT so lots of history and stories to tell. They loved it!” (Tina)

3) Grandma will take lots of photos, giving your selfie stick or arm a break.

4) Grandmas let you rest whenever you want and for however long you’d like ~ because she probably needs a rest just as much, too! (Jill)

5) Grandma knows more about the outdoors than you think and she can tell you stories about her adventures and outdoor escapades as a little girl, you just have to ask.

6) Everyone wants a photo of 3 generations of hikers. Those memories will last forever.

7) Grandma knows her wildflowers and her birds and if she doesn’t she’s willing to wait while you dig out your book to learn about them.

8) Take Grandma hiking because your children (and you) just might be more well behaved around her. (Jennifer H)

9) Take your Grandma hiking because she might be tougher than you (ahem Grandma Gatewood).

10) Grandma is an extra set of hands and an extra set of eyes when you’re hiking with small children.

11) My children’s Grandma is great on the trails because she always has a tissue and wipe runny noses properly while I just tell my kids to blow a snot rocket or wipe their nose on their mittens. So that’s an advantage on the trail. But Lorna sees things differently…”Actually, I teach my grandsons how to blow a snot rocket 😂 jump in mud puddles and have fun! Parents have the pressure of raising perfect kids that are polite and respectful. Grandmas have to remind Moms they are just kids”

12) Grandma is perfectly calm when dealing with baby, toddler and preschooler meltdowns on the trail. Maybe because she’s been there and done that, no big deal.

13) Take your Grandma hiking because the outdoors is for everyone and can be enjoyed by all regardless of age.

Now if you don’t have a Grandma to hike with we recommend finding someone in your community who loves children, tagging along with a senior citizens hiking group, or hiking with a friend who does have a hiking, Grandma. If your Grandma lives far away make sure to schedule a hike with her the next time you’re in town, even if it’s just a leisurely stroll on an easy pathway.

Have you ever hiked with your Grandma?

p.s. We think you should bring your Grandpa hiking too 😉

p.s.  Outdoor Mom’s you might want to hang out and follow the hashtag #outdoormomchallenge because we’ve teamed up with Amelia with Tales of a Mountain Mama and Susan with Mountain Mom and Tots and have something EPIC for Mother’s Day up our sleeve. Stay tuned, BIG announcement coming your way on May 1st.

2 comments on “13 Reasons To Take Your Grandma Hiking

  1. This is so great! We are fortunate enough to live near my husband’s parents and our son gets to adventure pretty regularly with his grandparents. Yes to all these reasons!

  2. #12 reason for bringing your Grandma hiking….because she does not run out of patience with the kids because she knows she can always go home without them!

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