Do you ever get sore knees while hiking? Welcome #teamHLAW’s Helina to the blog today and read her thoughts on the Benefab Sore No-More Therapeutic Knee Brace.

I was so excited to be chosen to try out this product.

During a day hiking excursion of Pedra de Gueva in Brazil, I tore up my knee pretty bad.

The hike was steep, and the boulders that we had to climb weren’t that friendly to my body.

Therefore, as you can imagine my knees were really sore the following days.

I noticed when I got back in the United States that I had a weird popping sound coming from my left knee. After going to the doctor just to make sure everything is fine, I was told to “stay off it” for a few weeks.

Well my job as a assistant manager at a national wildlife refuge complex, doesn’t really work out too well to “stay off it”.

That was when the Benefab Sore No-More came in handy.

I wasn’t only using it to hike, but I was wearing it during work hours walking around the refuge and office, as well as at the gym.

The knee brace really made it feel like my knee was secured.

What I liked the most about it is how flexible I felt when wearing the brace.

I even ran with it one time and besides the fact that it slipping down a bit, I have no other complaints.

The quality of the brace itself has seemed to hold up very nicely.

You will always find it in my hiking backpack or on a trip with me.

My knee feels much better now, but just in case a downhill hike hurts more than it should, I just stop and put it on.

I would definitely recommend this knee brace to any friend who has discomfort in the knee. I absolutely love this product!

This product was provided to us for review by Arenus. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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