Meet Diane Spicer.

Diane is the founder of the popular website, Hiking For Her.

I consider Hiking For Her to be one of the founding websites solely for women in the outdoors. Diane is a seasoned and experienced hiker and I loved talking with her about her outdoor adventures.

Now, I will say that we had our conversation over the telephone instead of Skype so the sound quality isn’t perfect but I think you’ll love meeting Diane and hearing her story.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • 4:00 On Diane’s outdoorsy childhood and being a tomboy.
  • 6:15 What it was like to start Hiking For Her in Diane’s 50’s and using it as a place to record her experiences.
  • 11:09
  • 12:30 The importance of taking care of your feet.
  • 15:00 A herd of caribou in the Northwest Territories.
  • 17:00 The meditative qualities of hiking.
  • 19:15 The courage of Grandma Gatewood “She just blew up the stereotype of older women,” Diane.
  • 25:00 On lazy outdoor cooking.
  • 26:00
  • 29:00 “As an older hiker I want to say that you can start at any age,” Diane.

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Book Mentioned: Braiding Sweetgrass 

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