Welcome Jennifer to the blog today as she give an update on her review of the Hitcase phone cover.

Last November I had the opportunity to test and review the Hitcase Shield.

My review was mediocre. In the three weeks that I tested the case the durability was unbeatable, but the overall functionality of the case was poor. The touch screen features of my phone became difficult and frustrating to use and the voice quality was poor at best.

Upon hearing of my complaints with the case the company immediately offered to send me another case to test.

I appreciate a company that hears of a product flaw and/or customer complaint and wants to remedy the situation so I agreed to give the case another try.

With the second case I noticed immediately that it was easier to use my touchscreen. Whether this was truly a difference with the case or whether I just subconsciously knew I needed to press harder I’ll never know, but I wasn’t bothered by the touchscreen this time. Problem one solved!

Testing the voice quality took a little more time; typically I only use my phone as a phone once a week when I talk to my mom. For that first week’s call, I didn’t mention to my mom that I was testing out the case again, I didn’t want her to have any preconceived notions going into the call. She had no problem hearing me. Later in the week I needed to schedule some appointments and again had no issues with the voice quality. Problem two solved!

I continued to use the case for several more weeks and still had no issues with my touchscreen or the voice quality of the replacement case. Unfortunately the durability of the case did not live up to the company claims this time around.

While out riding my bike one evening I stopped to take a picture but had gloves on and my phone slipped out of my hands and fell onto the cement.

The phone fell maybe three feet. The case is supposed to be shockproof up to six feet. When I picked up my phone the bottom left corner of the case had lifted and was unsecure. When I got home I noticed a large diagonal crack in my screen from the upper right corner all the way across to the left side of the phone.

Because of the durability the case displayed the first time I was very surprised and disappointed that my screen cracked with this fall. But, I drop my phone A LOT and am surprised that any case can withstand the beating I put it through. This particular fall may have just been the perfect storm of falls or some magical fluke.

So the question remains, would I recommend the Hitcase Shield? As before, I won’t use it as my everyday phone case, honestly I just prefer my pink one.

But I will use it for my outdoor adventures, I have three upcoming adventure weekends planned and my phone will be in the Hitcase Shield for all of them. I like that the case is waterproof. Though not perfect – but I don’t believe any product is – overall it is durable phone case. And the waterproof nature of the case also keeps dirt and dust out of my phone. So yes, I would still recommend the case to my outdoor/adventure friends.

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