I grew up in Bozeman, Montana.

Living in Bozeman was a blessing because Bozeman is a magical place nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains.

Its proximity to Yellowstone National Park makes it an ideal town for outdoor adventurers.

Bozeman is now crowded, full of urban sprawl and traffic but I’ll always remember it as the quiet little mountain town of my childhood.

As a kid whenever friends and family would come to visit us we would load up the minivan and drive through Yellowstone.

We’d eat ice cream and watch Old Faithful, again and again, and again.

Visiting Yellowstone almost got to the point where it stopped being unique and special to me.

Going to Yellowstone became routine and dare I say, boring?

It wasn’t until I grew up, left Bozeman, joined the Army and spent a good chunk of my early adult life moving from place to place that I really came to appreciate and love Bozeman.

And Yellowstone.

A few winters ago I took a special cross-country ski tour through Yellowstone and it was like being back home for me.

I saw the snow, the mountains, the river, the wildlife, the terrain through new eyes.

I was overcome with the sheer beauty and grandness of the Park.

It was one of those experiences where if my life had a soundtrack it would be playing something majestic and proud.

A few weeks ago I was contacted about a classical music album called All Things Majestic, by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Jennifer Higdon. Her album was inspired by a hike through the Grand Teton National Park, just down the road from my beloved Yellowstone.

While I admit to not being a huge fan of classical music as I listened to the album I could sense the feeling of wandering and beauty in the music.

Since we love all things that are inspired by nature and trekking around here Naxos of America has offered you the chance to win Higdon’s album, a $25.00 REI gift card and a First-aid kit, perfect for your next adventure.

To enter simply click here: http://woobox.com/85cnt2

This giveaway ends on April, 26, 2017.


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