I think that one of the reasons most of us want to stay physically fit is so that we can enjoy outdoor adventures, like climbing big mountains! A few months ago Rachel, with Rachel Meyer Fitness offered to send Lorna and Kristin through her Summit Fit Program. This is what Lorna had to say about her experience. Warning, it’s completely honest and real and reading it made me realize how some of my own insecurities about my body are getting in the way of my progress.

Rachel is offering another class May 1-29th so check it out if you’re looking to get fit for your summer hikes!

Several weeks ago I started a fitness challenge…or so I thought.

When I started Summit Fit Academy, I started a lifestyle change. A change that I will continue beyond the four weeks that I participated in Rachel’s program.

There were emails, online handouts, online posts and an amazing online group. In fact, I plan on rejoining the group challenge to continue receiving daily accountability, great advice for food choices and the motivation to try new and varied exercises.

What was Rachel’s advice that I liked?

  • Eat chocolate, bacon, potatoes and eggs!
  • Don’t step on that scale!
  • Hike and bike but don’t work out for hours on a treadmill!
  • Read books!

Get ready to explore your mindset.

Rachel doesn’t just provide you a menu, workouts and online posts to encourage you; she goes way beyond that!

Videos on proper ways to perform exercises, explanations on food choices and motivational clips. She also provided us with tools to truly dive into what we wanted to achieve in this program and in our near future. Goal setting and mindsets work together in her program to help you achieve more.

Professional and a personable leader!

Rachel replies to your posts and questions timely and professionally. She truly has time for you. On top of that, with the group environment, I learned from others’ posts, others’ responses to my posts and from seeing some of the amazing food that others were eating.

I was motivated by seeing others exercising.

What I liked was how Rachel didn’t expect each of us to do the same exact thing each day. We were individuals in her group.

Rachel advised us differently based upon our individual issues. She shared resources with us to make each of us stronger and better women. She discussed her personal challenges and kept things real!

The thing that impressed me the most about the program was Rachel’s leadership. She explains her background and how she changed habits in her life. She shows you the benefits of her program by setting the example. She has done and continues to do what she is expecting each of us to do.

What are some things I have shared with the group over the month’s time?

  • Sore…But loving this!
  • It’s not easy to get into the routine of working out, I look at it as something fun and personally challenging.
  • The mindset is critical.
  • I personally enjoy seeing what this older, out of shape body can do vs what Rachel wants us to do.
  • I have a personal goal to do push-ups as easy as Rachel makes them look 6 months from start date. That goal keeps me working on my upper body strength and abs.
  • Realized I was doing burpees wrong!!! I was going forward…smh. They are a lot harder your (Rachel’s) way Did some burpees right, squats, and extra pushups.
  • Had dinner out and did well. Prepped for tomorrow too.

What have I not shared with that fitness group, but will share with you?

Originally, I wanted to participate in this group to lose weight. I am a 47-year-old grandma who doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks of me or how I look…but buried deep back there in my mind are the thoughts that I am overweight and not good enough.

I sometimes avoid things that I know would be fun and make me happy because I fear how I look, or should I say, how someone will see me.

I am so quick to be kind to someone else and reassure them…but not always that way to myself. I am so quick to condemn someone else about how they talk to me…but I allow myself to feed negative thoughts to myself. Comments that others have said play over in my head like they are being said again right now.

You are fat.

You need to lose weight.

Nicknames like thunder thighs.

Memories of being the slowest one when our team did wind sprints during sports’ practices.

I don’t remember ever being a thin child. By the time I traded my tomboy jeans in for actual girl jeans, I was already a size 10. I always felt bigger than others. A photo of myself, I see fat…fat thighs, fat butt, and fat rolls.

I see me in a photo next to other people that I think of as skinnier than me and I am smaller. I used to weigh like 80 pounds more than I do now and that is how my mind still sees me.

Bizarre how my mind plays tricks with me.

I know there will always be someone skinnier than me. I know there will always be someone larger than me.

I just need to be me. I need to quit allowing my mind to feed me with negative thoughts. I have plenty of positive and motivational thoughts. I know that and I need to reach for those positive thoughts!

These past few weeks of participating in this group helped me realize that weight, size and others perception of me are not what matter to me. I am not defined by my past weight issues. I have learned and grown from them.

Rachel and her program helped me realize that I am stronger than ever and my choices for my future is up to me.

I choose to eat healthily, exercise my body and my mind because this makes me feel good!

Each week that passed made me feel better. I have more energy. I have goals that are positive and make me stronger. I plan on living a long time – hiking, biking, paddling and camping under the stars with my husband.

I plan to be healthy and happy because that is more important than being a size 5 or weighing 120 pounds soaking wet.

I did lose 8 pounds for those who may still be fascinated by the scale. I look forward to Rachel’s Summit Fit Academy in May. I look forward to doing pushups as easy as Rachel one day!

In case you are still wondering…YES I recommend Summit Fit Academy by Rachel Meyer!

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