We are celebrating women in the outdoors through REI’s #ForceOfNature project. This is not a sponsored post, we just want to keep sharing our thoughts and feelings about what it means to be a Force of Nature.

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a day when we celebrate women, all women who have shaped and molded our lives. It’s also a great day to have Jamie, who is the mother of 5 tell us about some of her experiences as an outdoor Mom and why getting her children outdoors is part of their daily lives.

Jamie is a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador representing the great state of Alaska. Learn more about our team right here.

When you think of the force of nature, what comes to mind?

Maybe a hurricane, tornado, or an earthquake?

What about a snowflake or a flower bud?

We tend to think something big and strong, not something small and every day.

You see, we women are forces of nature.

There are women who we aspire to be; to climb mountains, run marathons, or sail oceans.

But what about the everyday woman?

The one who walks a mile every day, who paddleboards over the weekend or takes her children on a bike ride?

They are forces of nature as well.

They are the buds that push forth every Spring, the unique snowflakes that fall on a quiet winter’s day or the blades of grass that cover a meadow.

Photo courtesy Jamie Robinson

We need to see the power of the women who push their bodies to limits some of us will never reach.

Those women are the hurricanes and earthquakes.

We also need to see the beauty in the everyday women who are at home raising her kids, working 9-5, or taking care of her elderly parents.

The women who make it a point to get outside after a long day of work, with her 5 kids, or even if her body is starting to fail her are forces of nature.

I am your everyday woman.

I get up and take care of kids, do dishes, grocery shop, pay bills, and make dinner.

But I get out once a week for a hike to clear my mind and breathe.

I take my 5 kids to show them the beauty that’s outside.

To show them how powerful the mountains are but to also show how important the little bee is.

I want them to see how important and unique each of them are.

Photo courtesy Jamie Robinson

If they all do their part, they will be a force that adds to the beauty of this world.

No matter the size, age, or strength, we are all forces of nature. Get outside and be.

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