We are celebrating women in the outdoors through REI’s #ForceOfNature project. This is not a sponsored post, we just want to keep sharing our thoughts and feelings about what it means to be a Force of Nature.

Mother Earth. We need to be a force of nature for the planet that sustains us. This is such a good reminder to be a force of nature, for nature by Whitney today.

Whitney is a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador. You can also find her at her blog, Whit’s Wilderness and check out her podcast episode!

Photo courtesy Whitney Klenzendorf

Force noun A group of people brought together and organized for a particular activity. Mental or moral strength or power. An influence tending to change the motion of a body.

When I saw REI launch its Forces of Nature campaign to celebrate and encourage outdoor women, I was thrilled.

This exact topic is what I’ve been working on in my little corner of the world for the last several years because I see it as a necessity.

The more women who get outdoors, the more people who will care about a healthy and vibrant future for nature.

Research shows that for every dollar a woman earns, she reinvests 80 cents in her family and her community—but I don’t need a research paper to tell me that women are a force for good in this world.

For every outdoor woman, there is a force that compels their love for getting outside.

For the spirited among us, it may be to calm nerves, prove points, and seek thrills—or to simply relax.

For families, it may be the desire to bond over a shared adventure.

For couples, it may be the romance of exploring new areas together.

For many of us, it may be a sense of nostalgia—a desire to bring back those camping trips or hiking trails of our youth which made us the women we are today.

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At my core, the force that combusts every day is a desire to share the outdoors with my fellow womankind and inspire all of us to steward this beautiful natural environment we all call home.

Mother Nature can’t do it on her own—she needs us as allies, ladies!

Every woman on earth, regardless of class, age, race, or economic status, benefits from the gifts nature gives: clean, healthy flowing rivers, wildlands in which to recreate, fresh produce, food and clean air.

No matter how far we may get from wild places beyond the city limits, we never lose our connection with the natural world.

When we get outdoors and take on uncharted territory, we set a new example for what it means to be a woman.

We show our daughters, sons, and wider circle that being a force of nature means respecting the natural world.

We impact the natural world in a very real way by inspiring a stewardship mentality, by picking up that piece of litter, making a donation to a conservation cause, remembering to turn off the tap, or any other number of actions in the here-and-now.

Because a force is nothing unless it makes an impact.

Being a force of nature is about more than one hike, a well-planned Instagram shot, or dream trip.

It’s about taking care of the places that take care of us in so many ways.

Together, let’s be a force of nature—for nature.


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