Meet Karo.

Karo is a Polish hiker currently living in Germany.

Karo is a backpacker, an educator in the online outdoor community and she is passionate about connecting people with the outdoors and teaching them skills and knowledge.

 Karo’s motto is, “old paths – new adventures.” I think you will find her inspiring and fun and discover a new source for outdoor information on her website.

You can find her at

 Enjoy  the show!


Show Notes:

  •  2:00 Hiking West of Berlin on the Witches Trail.
  • 6:00 The Sunday culture of taking a walk and meeting family and friends in a park.
  • 11:00 The most popular question Karo is asked, “how to reduce my load.”
  • 16:00 Karo’s most challenging hike (and mistaking a tree for the shelter)
  • 18:45 Hiking through a knee injury and preventing future knee injuries


  • 29:00 I’d tell my 12-year-old self to read a little bit more about tattoo’s before getting your first tattoo.

  You can find Karo here:

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