Meet Sandra.

Sandra is the Mormon mother of 4 children who comes clean in this podcast episode about her struggles with postpartum depression and how a ride on her husband’s bicycle changed her life, gave her confidence and helped her cope with 4 young children.

If you’re a mother I encourage you to listen to this episode and know that you my friend, are simply not alone in the journey that is motherhood.

Enjoy our conversation.

Show Notes:

  • 3:00 The Cache Valley Wind Caves, a family favorite

  • 7:30 On her ADD children and how getting outdoors helps them.

  • 10:30 On raising free-range children.

  • 12:30 postpartum depression and how the outdoors helped Sandra cope

    “I felt like I was failing at parenting..and it got to a really dark, dark point.”

  • 17:30 On not being able to function with 4 young children.

  • 19:00 How a liberating mountain bike ride changed her life.

  • 24:00 How Sandra is changing her family tree.

    “start by going outside…”

  • 29:00 Sandra’s adventurous, trail-blazing  Grandmother.

  • 32:00 I’d tell my 12-year-old self that being yourself is okay.

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2 comments on “Sandra Fights Postpartum Depression

  1. I just listened to this podcast while working (digging back in after a two week road trip out west!) and I absolutely loved the part about letting kids be kids and not needing to helicopter over them. I too just let my kids roam and have for several years. We live close to a park and their school and they have the freedom to ride their bikes to the park pretty much whenever they want and they ride their bikes to school most nice days. On our recent road trip my family and another traveled together and one day we set up “camp” in a state forest outside of Moab for the men and boys to fish all day. While they fished the two moms (my friend and I) went on a 2 mile round trip hike. It was the most freeing experience I’ve had in a while and the boys were better for the freedom they had to fish at the lake without anyone hovering over them.
    BTW- I love listening to all your podcasts! They get me through my work day and keep me motivated to get out hike and explore (just wish Indiana wasn’t so darn flat)

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