A few days ago I got this message.

“Hey Rebecca, can Jill, Annie and I do a podcast episode? If so we would like to call it Shenanigans LOL” –Lorna

My reply.

“Sure…I’m a little terrified…”

But deep down inside I was super excited to hear what Jill, Annie, and Lorna had to say.

You see, they’ve been part of the HLAW team for almost a year.

They’ve witnessed huge growth and craziness here.

They promised to be raw and authentic and talk about their experiences with HLAW on she·nan·i·gans.

I knew that all three of them would tell the truth without sugar coating anything.

But did I really want to know the truth?

Yes, I did.

So I gave them total creative liberty to produce the very first episode of she·nan·i·gans.

They did and I think you’re going to love it.

Here’s what today’s show is. It’s exactly what I want HLAW to be.

It’s a genuine conversation from three women all at different stages in life, living in different areas of the United States.

Their conversation made me laugh, made me cry a little bit, and remember that I don’t really enjoy eating Rocky Mountain Oysters.

If you’re a believer (in Bigfoot), a dreamer, or simply wondering if you should become a HLAW Ambassador this podcast episode is for you.

Thank you Jill, Annie, Lorna (+ the rest of our team) for inspiring me on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy this episode of she·nan·i·gans.

(p.s. if you’d like to hear more shows like this sound off in our comments below or on our Facebook page, we’re thinking about making discussions like this a regular thing around here.) 

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