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We are all a force of nature, but we need to find balance and embrace our uniqueness to this force. Welcome contributor Christina Brickwedde to the blog today and read how together we can build each other up to be a Force of Nature.

Real talk. I’m a #ForceOfNature – and sometimes, that’s hard.

Let’s be honest: there’s not much more simultaneously exhausting and empowering than being a totally kick-ass female.

Some of us are career-focused, putting in insane hours at the office and using those pilates-toned quads (or not) to push us up the ladder.

Some of us are creatives, pouring our hearts and souls into writing, music, film, photography, food, or other soul-filling activities.

Some of us are moms – I’m not, and that one sounds like the hardest, truthfully.

Doing it all – having it all – that’s hard. We’ve all seen those memes about the impossibility of balancing a personal life with school, work, children, chores, the gym, managing to eat (let alone healthy), remembering to call your parents, and not forgetting that annual gyno appointment you’ve got next week.

And yet, many of us do it. Backwards. In high heels (which is a fancy way of saying “with pizazz”).



But there are two problems with this incredibility.

The first is momentum. As a #ForceOfNature, how do we ensure our system has balance? That we don’t spin out of control? Transform into a hurricane that wipes out the nearest land mass (usually my husband). I often joke that I only find balance in two moments in my life: on a trail and in yoga during tree pose.

The second problem is that all of these #ForcesOfNature believing they’re in competition with one another. Keeping up with the Joneses has somehow become Having a Perfectly Curated Social Media Presence. How is it that Becky is on vacation again? How does Amanda drink all of those protein shakes? Yuck. And why do Lauren’s children look so well kept when mine are lucky they’re clothed?

These endless questions are putting our forces at odds with one another.

The cacophony of noise around us seems to be teetering at a fever pitch. So, where to? To the trail – and to the community of women waiting for us there.

We here at #HLAW have found some bliss. Together, in our digital corner of the universe here and spread out in our communities across the globe, we have found some respite from the noise of women one-upping each other. Here, we are each a #ForceOfNature, together.

Each of us knows the importance of a single tree in a forest.

The universe is a complex place, filled with limitless forces at work that collectively create the beautiful existence we are privy to. Like the universe, every day at #HLAW we choose to blend our forces. Some of us are strong, some of us are smart, some are kind, some are hilarious, some are bold, upbeat, shy, honest, curious, beautiful, geeky, loving, honorable, joyful, daring, caring.

We each are a #ForceOfNature, but each of us remembers we are part of a bigger whole. And together we lift each other up.

I pledge to be a #ForceOfNature. I pledge to embrace my inner chaos, my inner beauty, my inner superpowers – and all of the challenges that come with them. I pledge strive for balance, but remember that I might only ever truly achieve it in yoga class, and that’s OK, because Becky and Amanda and Lauren are probably in the same boat.

I pledge to embrace the #ForceOfNature that is each woman I meet – in the office, on the trail, or in the grocery store. The trail teaches us that everyone you meet is on a journey. Together, we can all help each other reach the end.

3 comments on “Sometimes being a force is hard

  1. Lovely!!! I thought that in reading this I would feel bad because I’m not super strong and outdoorsy… instead I feel good because I am goofy and loving and a healer. Blessings, and namaste!

    • Yes!! So glad to hear this! I think if we’re all a force of nature, we each need to recognize that nature has so many different types of forces – and each one is critical to the balance of the universe 🙂

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