We are celebrating women in the outdoors through REI’s #ForceOFNature project. This is not a sponsored post, we just want to keep sharing our thoughts and feelings about what it means to be a Force of Nature.

We’re wrapping up our Force Of Nature series and Jordan‘s article was the perfect way to end over two weeks of discussion about women in the outdoors, empowerment, struggles and joy. This article is special to me, it reads like a battle cry for women to become a force for good in the world. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Jordan is a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador. Her post, about hiking 100 miles is one of our most popular blog posts and led to a feature on Woman’s Health Magazine. 

Being a Force of Nature is stepping into a world that accepts you for who you are; it’s a transformation of shedding years, decades, and centuries of oppression on women that have told us that the outdoors is too difficult for us, too unsafe for us, and too much for our bodies to handle.

It’s a revival of relishing in our body frames, our abilities, and our own identities as women in the outdoors.

When we’re on the trails, in the rivers, and on top of mountains, we’re embraced by nature that tells us that we, too, belong in these spaces.

We’re welcomed by the sounds of rushing water, by the heat of the sun, by the sweat on our bodies, and by the nurturing spirit of the outdoor world.

There are no expectations for us, other than to just show up; we’re not asked to alter our appearance, but rather, to embrace every part of our bodies.

Nature encourages us to take on the rawness and purity of who we are, and to relish in the strength that drives our every step forward.

Being a Force of Nature is stepping into a world that embraces, supports, and encourages all women in the outdoors.

It’s uplifting every woman, no matter the level of endurance, expertise, stamina, shape, or size, because we recognize the strength, perseverance, and resiliency within womanhood.

It’s understanding that by collectively coming together, we can change the outdoor industry, and reaffirm our place as women within the outdoors.

When we welcome ourselves within these outdoor spaces, we welcome women from all walks of life.

We stand as physical markers of resistance and uplift one another so that we can dismantle the system that has told us, for far too long, who we should be, instead of asking us who we are.

Being a Force of Nature is defined by no one other than ourselves.

We are the champions of change that have the ability to harness generations of endurance that have fought for where we are today and that beckon for us to keep moving forward.

We continue to pave the path for our future generations with every step that we take, and we have no intention of stopping.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our sisters, our mothers, our grandmothers, and all women to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult it can be.

We understand the challenges that we face, yet we know that we have the power to dismantle them.

We are Forces of Nature.

p.s. Thank you REI for providing us the opportunity to really think about what it’s like to become a Force of Nature.

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