Meet Annie!

Well, you probably already know her but now’s your chance to really get to know her as we interview her today for the show.

Annie is part of our HLAW Ambassador team and she’s now part of our staff where she leads our sponsorship and partnership team. So, if you’re a brand out there and you talk to us you’ll probably meet Annie. She also leads a HLAW hiking group in her area AND is an Outdoor School instructor. 

Annie is an amazing woman who busts through every outdoor stereotype. If you read our blog you might have heard her talk about menopause, or how she’s not a skinny little hiker or how she really enjoys hiking easier trails.

Annie is full of spunk and one of the hardest workers I know. I LOVE having her on my team. She’s a huge part of our community, works quietly behind the scenes and we’re excited to chat with her on the podcast today.

You can find Annie on her website at

I know that you’re going to enjoy our conversation! 

Show Notes:

  • 4:00 Why older brothers are so mean
  • 7:10 “I don’t ever have adventures where everything goes right!”
  • 12:00 Girls Canoe Day….why you need one.
  • 20:00 The challenges of unplugging and finding places that don’t have cell phone signals.
  • 30:00 “Where was my guidance counselor? Why didn’t he tell me all of this” – on living a life of adventure
  • 34:00 “When someone tells me I can’t do something it makes me want to try any harder.” Annie

Books Mentioned:

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Gear mentioned:

Everstryke Match

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