Meet Chandi.

Chandi is an author, adventurer, solo female traveler and a teacher.

Her book, Return To Glow was recently published and I think you’re going to enjoy our conversation.

You can find Chandi on her website, Paradise of Exiles. 

Enjoy the show.   

Show Notes:

  • 7:00 The Via Francigena in Italy.
  • 13:00 Learning to step away from the pain of a divorce and finding resilience.
  • 1600: A scary encounter in Italy.
  • 20:00 Why Chandi writes in journals.
  • 23:00 Who Chandi would hike with if she could.
  • 25:00 Chandi would tell her 12-year-old self to not pay attention to boys, read about women explorers, find a strong female mentor and choose activities that will empower you.
  • 28:00 A shout-out to Brene Brown 

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