Meet Meg

Meg is a Colorado woman who is in the process of quitting her job to pursue her dream. On today we chat about a trek to Nepal and what it did to inspire her to follow her dreams.   

You can follow Meg’s adventures on her website

I loved our conversation and I hope you do too, but I did notice that our audio quality isn’t as awesome as it usually is because I recorded the entire interview without my microphone plugged in….so hang in there, Meg’s audio quality is awesome and she’s the one you really want to list to anyway.

Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

  • 6:00 Getting left behind a gnarly trail by her boyfriend (and why she’s not with him anymore)
  • 8:00 Feeling like “I’m a bad hiker”
  • 12:00: Trekking in Nepal and how Meg prepared
  • 14:00 Flying into Lukla, Kathmandu
  • 17:00 How to choose a guide
  • 24:00 On acute mountain sickness
  • 29:00 On forcing herself to let go and do things that scare her

Places Mentioned: NepalGunnison CanyonMt. Bierstadt    

Guide mentioned: Trekking Planner Nepal


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