Meet Diane Vukovic.

Diane is an American woman who left the United States to make her home in Serbia.

She’s raising a young daughter and navigating the world of handicap-accessible outdoor adventures with her partner.

Diane is a vegan, a hitchhiker, a mother and a blogger and you can learn more about her on her website,

I loved our conversation and I think you’re going to as well.

Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

  • 6:00 On Diane’s big plans for the future.
  • 12:00 On camping with a 3-year-old child and why it was easier than everyday life in the city.
  • 16:30 Hitchhiking to trailheads with her daughter.
  • 20:00 Learning to trust people actually makes us safer.
  • 23:00 The education that you can learn while hitchhiking.
  • 33:00 On adventuring with a disabled partner.
  • 39:00 On teaching her child to act with kindness instead of anger.


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