Rebecca here with a truth bomb!

I don’t always like being the spotlight and when I started our ambassador program I was happy to move to a more behind-the-scenes role here.

But that ended a few months ago when Lorna, Annie and Jill wanted to interview me all about HLAW.

So, much to my chagrin I’d like to introduce you to our second Shenanigan’s podcast episode.

It’s completely embarrassing, but I guess it gives you a glimpse as to the inner workings of things around here.

If you missed our first episode of she-nan-igans you can check it out here.

You can watch our introduction here:

And then listen to the entire show here:

Notable Quotes

  • “Hike Like A Woman Rebels”
  • “I’m so glad I peed before getting on this call.”
  •  “I’m busy, we’re all busy, we need to stop that shit.”
  •  “Don’t underestimate how powerful we are when we all work together.”
  •  “Put on a goddamn smile and go outside.”
  •  “Sometimes I feel like a horrible mother but you know what, we’re all doing the best we can.”
  •  “I’m country now!!!!!”
  • “Was she a problem child?”
  • “When you put a bunch of women together God only knows what’s going to happen.”

Topics Mentioned


Sponsors & Such

This podcast isn’t sponsored by anyone but it should be because it’s super polished and professional, am I right?

Stay tuned because we have episodes with Milka & Stephanie coming up!

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