Gadgets and gear that serve multiple purposes are always so cool. Welcome Ambassador Tina to the blog today and get her take on the Tactical LED Pen by Survival Hax.

When I first saw this pen as it was being offered to us HLAW ambassadors to review I thought “what a cool looking pen. It not only has a LED light, it also doubles as a glass breaker and a fire starter”.

I like gadgets that do more than one thing.

It comes with no directions so you just have to start playing with it to figure out what’s where.

The glass breaker and LED light are obvious to see right out of the box.

To get to the fire starter though you do need to unscrew the pen at the center. The rod is made of magnesium and just needs a knife to create a spark to get a fire started.

I haven’t tried the fire starter part of this pen yet, I’ll play with it on my next backpacking trip for sure just to see how well it works.

Although I don’t think I’ll use this part as I carry matches and a lighter when hiking but you never know, good to have just in case.

One nice feature is the ability to easily replace the ball point pen so when the ink runs out you just have to replace the inside rather than the whole pen which is much cheaper, I like this.

This pen writes well too, nice and smooth.

Another nice feature I love is the LED light, it’s bright and it can be used separately from the pen. You also can replace the battery if your light goes dark.

The pen did seemed heavy at first; the website says it weighs 1 lb. but once I started using it the weight didn’t seem to be an issue. If you want you can take the top part off to reduce that top heavy feeling when holding the pen.

I had the whole pen clipped to my day pack strap so it’s handy to grab if needed to write a quite note, use the LED light or as a weapon (hopefully you’ll never need it  for this purpose).

This pen has 4 removable parts which means easy to lose one or all of the parts. It’s what I don’t like about this pen.

If you lose the cap that covers the pen you lose the glass breaker function of the pen. If you lose the top part of the pen you lose the LED light.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to remember to pick up the cap when I set it down but I can see how losing parts of this pen could easily happen. So far I still have all the parts.

Overall I like the pen and would recommend it to others. It’s not that much weight that you couldn’t take it backpacking and definitely good for day hiking.

And if weight is an issue take it apart and carry the parts separately but don’t lose them. ☺

I do a lot of journaling along the trail as I write about trail descriptions so it’s been useful and I plan to buy another one to keep in my car, never know when I might need the glass breaker function of this pen.

Here’s a link to see this pen in action, there’s a video for you to watch and more information about this pen.

Happy Writing!

Tina Lanciault

@tinaoutdoors HLAW AmBASSador #teamHLAW

Disclaimer – I did receive this pen free for review but that in no way affects my review. This is my honest opinion of the Tactical LED Pen.

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31 comments on “Tactical LED Pen review + GIVEAWAY!!!!

  1. Another group i’m in just had a big feature on tactical pens too! I don’t think the one they talked about had a fire starter though :0

  2. I’d like to keep it on the visor of my car to use for emergencies, like breaking a window in a hurry, or signing the withdrawal slip at the drive-through bank…

  3. I love this pen. Not only because it has an led light bit because it can be used to shatter glass, an escape pen

  4. I not only hike in the woods, but I DO wander a small city often, and surrounding areas…….which NOW has more crime than ever, thanks to various factors, drug epidemic being one of the reasons. I don’t feel totally safe in the city. Just don’t I don’t let my guard down at all. I like this idea of this pen!

  5. I think I would keep it in the car for emergencies. Right now I have separate flashlight, glass hammer, and pen in my armrest

  6. It would be “THE” pen. To go with me anywhere. clip to anything. I need this pen! (okay, I am a pen nut and this is awesome)

  7. This looks like a must have. My stepdaughter has just started hiking and my granddaughter is an avid hiker. I think I need to get one for each of us. So much functionality built in. Thanks for the review. Hope I win and I only have to buy two!!!

  8. I would like this pen because simply put, I love pens that light up. The LED light would definitely enable me to see better when writing things down on a piece of paper. Not to mention, I love that when the ink runs out, new ink can be put in the pen very easily. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

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