Meet Lucy

Lucy is a HLAW Ambassador and amazing woman who has had to overcome everything from learning to walk again after a bad accident to dealing with blood clots.  Not only is she an incredible example of persistence but she’s also the editor of our magazine.

You can follow Lucy’s adventures on her website:

Enjoy the show!

Show notes:

  • 6:00 The moment Lucy became a real hiker.
  • 11:00 On blood clots.
  • 14:00 What Lucy did when a doctor told her that she wouldn’t live through the night.
  • 18:00 What happens when Lucy’s lung collapses.
  • 21:00 Her Grandfather’s dying words to her.
  • 23:45 “You were given this mountain to show others that it can be conquered.”
  • 25:00 On the doctor’s orders to wear a helmet when she hikes.
  • 31:00 Why she’s proud to hike in a helmet.
  • 34:30 On her upcoming wedding.

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