In case you haven’t heard Saturday, Oct. 21 is Take Your Daughter on a Hike Day. We at Hike Like A Woman find it important to raise wild children. So on Oct. 21, we are taking our daughter, nieces, granddaughters, friends daughters, and/or girls of any relations on a hike to ensure we raise the next generation of wild women.

To participate check out our events’ page here on HLAW.

Ambassador Mickey writes about why this concept is import to her.

She’s fire and ice that one, she’s sweet as honey, sour as lemon, she’s fierce, and strong. That’s my Krystina. When I look at her I see a glimpse of my past. We go rounds about her cleaning her room, we go rounds about her sassafrass attitude, we go rounds about her outfits, and we go rounds about her beating up the boys. This past summer has been one growing pain after another. Any time she was corrected it was like a WWE match.

The one thing we can always agree on is being outside. I don’t mean she’s not just as sassy outside, the child is a free spirit to say the least. She doesn’t like to be told what to do and she doesn’t like boundaries. Despite her inner and outer wild child, we get along quite fine when our boots are hitting the trail. When I say pack up, we are going hiking, she explodes with excitement.

When she’s on the trail she opens my eyes to my surroundings. Our last hike we went on she began pointing out rock formations and what they looked like. She said mom “It’s a mountain goat and on the other side it’s a lion”. I looked up and I’d be damned if the rock wasn’t.

She is fearless. She will climb in places my son shrieks of fear at. She will cut her knee, rub dirt in it to make the bleeding stop, then continue what she was doing.  She is absolutely free and wild at heart.

I fear I need to be careful about breaking her free spirit. I was once just like her. Nothing, I mean nothing, could break me, until one day it did. I never want my daughter to be broken spirited like that.

I want to raise her to have a strong mind and a strong body.  She will be a warrior if I teach her right.

As her mother it is my job to encourage that fire. It is my job to teach her how to control in and when to control it. The one thing I’m thankful for is her drive to step up when she needs (or doesn’t need) to be a leader. If my daughter was presented with a crisis situation, I am certain she’d step up to devise the best course of action.

Krystina has a love and appreciation for nature that is rarely seen in children now days. She’ll ask, “Momma can we like uh go for a walk and clean up the earth or something like that?”

As I write about her it makes me proud to say she’s mine. I’m proud of her heart, I am proud of her personality, and I’m proud she’s a free spirit. It is my goal as her mother to encourage that love for nature, fuel that wild heart, and to raise her to be a warrior. It is not my job as her mother to pin her down and it is not my job to break her.

She’ll never be tamed I’ll be certain of it.

She is the only person who will ever be able to control her wild heart. So I’ll teach her it’s a good thing to be strong, it’s amazing to be fearless, it’s OK to be a wild heart, and that she if she learns to control it she’ll move mountains.

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