Trekking poles are like an extra set of legs that help pull you up the mountain. Like Ambassador Lori Robin Roberts, I didn’t think I would like them as much as I did after I started using them. They come in handy in many ways. Read Lori’s thoughts below.

I have always used one pole on my descent and kept one hand available for balance.

That was then and this is now.

Just a month ago I forced myself to use two poles on the way up the mountain. I pretty much hated it! My hiking friend kept smiling and modelling what I should look like with my poles. She pushed them into the ground and pulled herself up the steep mountain. I internally grumbled. Most of the trek up I dragged my poles behind me and then we came to one steep section.

With an open mind, I slammed the poles into the ground. In that very moment, they helped me. It seemed I moved faster.

They gave me the strength to carry on up when I was tired. After that hike, I was still somewhat on the fence. As the weeks went on, I continued using two poles.

Twelve benefits of using trekking poles:

• Help with stress on the knees, ankles and feet.
• Stability and balance.
• Aerobic workout by engaging body parts you wouldn’t if your arms are just
• Keeps hands from swelling.
• Great on creek crossings for balance and to see how deep water, mud or
snow is.
• Prevents falls.
• By using two poles you are engaging muscles on both sides of your body.
• Helps on slippery, wet sections or log crossings on the trail.
• Can help you in an attack from a wild animal.
• Helps propel you forward.
• Can help you when bushwhacking.
• Can help you with your stretching.

Weeks later and on most hikes my poles are coming out of my backpack. I use both poles on the ascent and the descent. I feel like it’s helping me with my speed and drive with my love-hate relationship with elevation. I bought poles that fold up small so I can store them in my pack when I am using a rope assist or doing a mini scramble up a rock face.

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If you are not sure about trekking poles I hope you’ll give them a second chance. I did and my body thanks me on every journey.

9 comments on “The Perks of Trekking Poles

    • I wanted ones that folded up small enough for my pack. Those are the kind I looked for. I also wanted a good brand name so I went with Black Diamond. They work for me and also come with mud and snow baskets so I can use them year round. Ambassador~Lori

  1. I have developed arthritis and other knee issues. They take the stress off of my knees when making steep descents. Love them. I agree with every benefit of using them. My daughter bought me a pair of black diamond trekking poles a few years ago and they are great. They are adjustable and will fit in a suitcase or back pack.

  2. I started using trekking poles about 2 months ago and I am thrilled I did! They are helpful for both ascents and descents. I wasn’t sure if I would like using them so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money if they were going to turn into ‘dust catchers’! I spent under $40 for Paria trekking poles which fold into a compact size. I am extremely happy with my Paria poles and highly recommend them!

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