A good book can be such an inspiration, especially a book about someone who dives into live. Ambassador Jessica reviewed the book, “Tales of a Brown Gal Trekker: A Prelude to Life Happens on the Move Series,” by Marinel M. de Jesus.

Marinel M. de Jesus explores what freedom and facing her fears means to her in this prelude to her “Life Happens on the Move” series.

Reflecting on the idea of “freedompreneurship”, de Jesus delves into the meaning of her life as a lawyer. Coming to the stark realization this is not her true self, she decides to conquer her fears and follow her passion – solo trekking across the globe. In doing so, she uncovers the determination to start her own social enterprise, Peak Explorations. Leaving behind the career that begged the question if she was following her heart or others expectations, de Jesus leaps boldly into a world that uncovers the mystery of what her life could be, what her life was meant to be.

The insightful dialogue and nature-infused prose in this book will inspire anyone who has contemplated their path in this world to take a long, hard look at what living a life of freedom can truly mean.

Filled with breath-taking photos of her journeys, de Jesus expands on the idea of not letting the illusion of fear get in the way of one’s dreams and hopes, but rather to go forth with eyes wide open discovering how freedom to be true to oneself can open the doors of endless possibilities.

This gem of a book was a refreshing glimpse into the opportunities that await each and every person if we choose to accept living a life that is real for us.

To learn more about Marinel, who is a contributor to Hike Like A Woman, check out her podcast here, and her guest posts, “She Becomes a Judge. I Become a Mountain Nomad,”A Friendship in an Unlikely Place: On a Holy Trek in Yading Nature Reserve of China,” and “No Boundaries.”

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