Mara here. So I never have a camp chair when I go camping because the two that I had burned in the campfire. I wasn’t very smart and left them sitting next to the campfire in the wind. This happened not once but twice. I thought I’d just sit on the ground from now on because I can’t be trusted. But I’m tired of sitting on the ground, and this Crazy Creek chair looks pretty comfy. Ambassador Jacquelyn reviewed the chair and gives her thoughts on the chair below.

Note, we were provided this chair for review by Crazy Creek but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

When I head to the beach I am not a person who packs a lot of items, I try to live a simple life. With that being said, when I received the Crazy Legs Quad Beach/Festival Chair from Crazy Creek to review courtesy of Hike Like a Woman, my mind changed around what is necessary for the beach as well as what I need for other outdoor events. To date, I have used these chairs for multiple different outdoor activities.

On our pool deck:

These chairs are great on our pool deck, they are comfortable and dry quickly after taking a dip. Since they are so low to the ground and have slanted arm rests they can be a little difficult to get in and out of. My husband disagreed with me on this as he had no problem getting in and out of them.

At the beach:

In August, we took the chairs to ocean for a day.  I’m not one to usually carry chairs, but they were perfect for the day at the beach. They helped keep the sand off me and provided comfort while enjoying the ocean. If any sand did get on the chairs it easily wiped off. They fold up easily go into the carrying bags without fighting with them like other chair bags. They are small enough to keep in the trunk of my car without taking up too much room.

In the canoe:

One night after work my family took a paddle around a local pond.  Our daughter usually sits on a life cushion, but we decided to use the chair in the middle of the canoe instead. It fit perfectly and our daughter enjoyed sitting in the chair more than sitting on the cushion.

Birthday Party:

We were invited to a children’s birthday party for a friend of the family. We decided to bring the chairs to try see how they would fit in a party setting. I was a little worried that being so low to the ground it would make it awkward talking to our friends or getting in and out of them, especially after having a few adult beverages. These chairs were great, some of our friends tried them out and were surprised of how comfortable they were. We did not have much difficulty getting in and out of them. We were able to set up them and put them away in minimal time.


Over Labor Day weekend we joined friends camping.  Of course we brought our chairs. They were great for camping, all packed up they did not take up much room. It was very cold over Labor Day weekend, so being able to sit close to the fire in the chairs was nice and relaxing. Our site was a little sandy, but the chair wiped off easily, preventing needing a lot of cleaning. Despite them being low, it was not difficult to get in and out of them and made it easier for sitting drinks and other things on the ground.

Over all my whole family loved the chairs. We all range from four feet to over six feet tall and we were all comfortable sitting in them. As you can see we used them for a wide range of activities. They were easy to set up, somewhat easy to get in and out of as you sit close to the ground, sturdy, dried quickly after getting wet and easy to put away. The price of $47 is reasonable for these chairs. My only recommendation is to change the armrests, as I do not feel they are very comfortable.

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  1. The mountains is always where I want to go. Unfortunately we don’t live near any, so the beach is currently where I go.

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