Fun graphic shirts are a great way to let your personality shine though. I also really like a shirt that you can wear hiking. One that is made to sweat in. Ambassador April reviewed the Hike It Off Happy Hiker Tee. Read on to see if they are a good fit for you.

Who doesn’t like a tee with a fun outdoorsy design? I know I sure am a sucker for supporting a company newly entering the outdoor clothing world. The Happy Hiker Tee arrived quickly and I was excited to test my luck with a new tee – I tend to struggle with new clothing online as I always seem to be in between sizes.

So, I open the package, the design is fun and the shirt feels great.

It is a cotton / poly blend which I prefer over full cotton any day and while listed as an “athletic fit” tee, it still seemed to have a good comfy stretch to it. Initially when choosing the tee I wanted, I tried to go with something different; white for starters is something I do not own and I have a lot of tanks already (even though that was my minds first choice when browsing the Hike It Off women’s tops). Upon a few more minutes with my new T-shirt, I started to think that I should have stuck with what my mind originally did want!

This shirt definitely has its positives as mentioned above, and maybe I am a little harsher of a critique when it comes to the overall fit and feel of an article of clothing, but I simply like my tops comfy, not snug, and with some breathing room (especially if it will be worn out hiking). On the Hike It Off website it is mentioned to “order a size larger if you like a looser fit” for this shirt so I took that as my first bit of advice in choosing which size would be best for me. I tend to fall between a large and extra-large in women’s tops, and medium if unisex (I know, how am I ever to know a proper size?!), so I played it safe and chose the extra-large.

On it went, and was a little surprised at how fit the extra-large actually was. I wore it around the house for a few minutes, trying to convince myself it may magically fit more comfortable than the couple minutes prior but as you probably guessed, that did not happen. I really wanted to love this tee! I would have really loved to wear it on the trail as well and test the breathability and quick dry capabilities. I will say that the length of the tee was great, and much longer than expected. I do have a shorter torso but still like my shirts longer and that was definitely my favorite thing about the fit of this shirt.

Now like I said, the shirt did fit, and it fit like a fitted women’s tee is probably supposed to fit.

I personally just cannot convince myself to wear a shirt that actually hugs my body – just preference, nothing more. So overall? I love the designs and fun graphics, but probably should have stuck to something I am a little more familiar with and chose a looser fitting tank. I am happy to say however that I decided to gift the shirt to one of our amazing international ambassadors (Hike It Off does not normally shop out of the USA apparently), in hopes that she will find a better match with it!

Happy Hiker T-Shirt

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    • No problem Jaime! You guys make a great product and I should have just stuck with my gut and ordered a tank 😁. Thanks for allowing me to review this tee!

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